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47190 LPI FM LOCAL Running status

Arrival19:01 Right Time
Departure19:02 Right Time
Arrived at Falaknuma at 20:00 10 Dec 2018, 17 kms. ahead of Sanjivaih Park
Yet to start
Updated10 Dec 2018 20:05
1Lingampalli18:35Right TimeYet to start
2Chandanagar18:3818:39Right Time2 km
3Hafizpeta18:4318:44Right Time5 km
4Hitec City18:4718:48Right Time8 km
5Borabanda18:4918:50Right Time11 km
6Bharatnagar18:5118:52Right Time13 km
7Fatehnagar Bridge18:5418:55Right Time16 km
8Nature Cure Hospital18:5618:57Right Time17 km
9Begampet18:5818:59Right Time18 km
10Sanjivaih Park19:0119:02Right Time20 km
11James Street19:0419:05Right Time21 km
12Secunderabad Jn19:2519:27Right Time23 km
13Sitafal Mandi19:3119:32Right Time25 km
14Arts College19:3319:34Right Time26 km
15Jamia Osmania19:3519:36Right Time27 km
16Vidyanagar19:3719:38Right Time28 km
17Kacheguda19:4219:43Right Time30 km
18Malakpet19:4519:46Right Time32 km
19Dabirpura H19:4719:48Right Time33 km
20Yakutpura19:4919:50Right Time34 km
21Huppuguda H19:5319:54Right Time36 km
22Falaknuma20:00Right Time37 km