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50105 DIVA SWV PASS Running status

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Diva Jn-DIVA
EExpected06:25 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Diva Jn06:25Right TimeYet to start
2Dativli06:2906:30Right Time1 km
3Nilaje06:3606:37Right Time5 km
4Taloja Panchnand06:4606:47Right Time14 km
5Navade Road06:5106:52Right Time17 km
6Kalamboli Goods Shed06:5506:56Right Time19 km
7Panvel07:0507:10Right Time25 km
8Somtane07:1907:20Right Time30 km
9Rasayani07:2407:25Right Time37 km
10Apta07:2907:30Right Time40 km
11Jite07:4107:42Right Time50 km
12Hamarapur07:4807:49Right Time55 km
13Pen07:5908:00Right Time61 km
14Kasu08:1408:15Right Time74 km
15Nagothane08:3008:31Right Time88 km
16Nidi08:4008:41Right Time96 km
17Roha08:5809:00Right Time103 km
18Kolad09:1709:18Right Time115 km
19Indapur H09:2809:29Right Time131 km
20Mangaon09:3909:40Right Time140 km
21Goregaon Road H09:4909:50Right Time154 km
22Veer09:5910:00Right Time163 km
23Sape Wamne H10:0910:10Right Time174 km
24Karanjadi10:1910:20Right Time185 km
25Vinhere10:3110:32Right Time199 km
26Diwan Khavati10:3910:40Right Time210 km
27Khed10:5911:00Right Time235 km
28Anjani11:1411:15Right Time254 km
29Chiplun11:3511:40Right Time276 km
30Kamathe11:5111:52Right Time290 km
31Savarda12:0412:05Right Time302 km
32Aravali Road12:2112:22Right Time316 km
33Sangmeshwar12:4212:43Right Time336 km
34Ukshi12:5712:58Right Time355 km
35Bhoke13:1713:18Right Time372 km
36Ratnagiri14:3014:35Right Time382 km
37Nivasar14:5014:51Right Time404 km
38Adavali15:0415:05Right Time427 km
39Veravali (H)15:1415:15Right Time441 km
40Vilavade15:3115:32Right Time448 km
41Saundal Halt15:4215:43Right Time458 km
42Rajapur Road15:5115:52Right Time465 km
43Vaibhavwadi Road16:0616:07Right Time488 km
44Nandgaon Road16:2516:26Right Time510 km
45Kankavli16:4416:45Right Time532 km
46Sindhudurg17:0117:02Right Time556 km
47Kudal17:1417:15Right Time571 km
48Zarap17:3117:32Right Time586 km
49Sawantwadi Road17:50Right Time600 km