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51157 BSL ET PASS Running status

Departure20:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated12 Dec 2018 10:15
1Bhusaval Jn20:40Right TimeYet to start
2Duskheda20:5220:54Right Time7 km
3Savda21:0321:05Right Time15 km
4Nimbhora21:1321:15Right Time24 km
5Raver21:2321:25Right Time34 km
6Waghoda21:3321:35Right Time44 km
7Burhanpur21:4521:50Right Time55 km
8Asirgarh Road21:5822:00Right Time63 km
9Chandni Chandni Chauk Cba22:0822:10Right Time74 km
10Nepanagar22:1722:20Right Time81 km
11Mandwa22:2822:30Right Time87 km
12Sagphata22:3822:40Right Time93 km
13Dongargaon22:4822:50Right Time100 km
14Bagmar23:0823:10Right Time112 km
15Bargaon Gujar23:1823:20Right Time118 km
16Khandwa00:2000:30Right Time123 km
17Mathela00:4800:50Right Time131 km
18Talvadya01:0001:02Right Time139 km
19Surgaon Banjari01:1001:12Right Time151 km
20Charkheda Khurd01:2001:22Right Time161 km
21Chhanera01:2901:31Right Time169 km
22Barud01:4001:42Right Time179 km
23Dagar Khedi01:5101:53Right Time189 km
24Khirkiya02:0302:05Right Time200 km
25Bhiringi02:2202:24Right Time213 km
26Masangaon02:2802:30Right Time218 km
27Palasner02:3402:36Right Time224 km
28Harda02:5302:55Right Time231 km
29Charkhera03:0103:03Right Time238 km
30Timarni03:1003:12Right Time246 km
31Pagdhal03:2503:27Right Time259 km
32Bhaironpur03:3303:35Right Time266 km
33Banapura03:5603:58Right Time274 km
34Dharmkundi04:0404:06Right Time282 km
35Dulariya04:4804:50Right Time295 km
36Itarsi Jn06:15Right Time307 km