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51188 KTE BSL PASS Running status

Departure22:20 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated15 Aug 2018 0:05
1Katni22:20Right TimeYet to start
2Madhavnagar Road22:3022:31Right Time5 km
3Niwar22:4122:42Right Time13 km
4Sansarpur22:5122:52Right Time21 km
5Sleemanabad Rd22:5923:00Right Time28 km
6Dundi23:1023:11Right Time37 km
7Sihora Road23:2623:28Right Time52 km
8Gosalpur23:3923:40Right Time63 km
9Deori23:4823:50Right Time74 km
10Adhartal00:0300:04Right Time83 km
11Jabalpur00:1000:20Right Time91 km
12Madan Mahal00:3400:36Right Time94 km
13Bheraghat00:4800:50Right Time107 km
14Bhitoni01:0301:05Right Time120 km
15Bikrampur01:1801:20Right Time132 km
16Shridham01:3001:32Right Time144 km
17Karak Bel01:4801:49Right Time159 km
18Belkhera01:5801:59Right Time164 km
19Ghat Pindrai02:0902:10Right Time169 km
20Narsinghpur02:2002:22Right Time175 km
21Kareli02:3602:37Right Time191 km
22Bohani02:5702:59Right Time206 km
23Gadarwara03:0803:10Right Time219 km
24Salichauka Road03:2403:26Right Time233 km
25Juneta03:3603:37Right Time243 km
26Bankhedi03:4403:46Right Time250 km
27Pipariya04:0304:05Right Time269 km
28Sohagpur04:3104:33Right Time286 km
29Guramkhedi04:4704:48Right Time296 km
30Bagra Tawa05:0405:05Right Time309 km
31Sontalai05:1905:20Right Time317 km
32Gurra05:2805:30Right Time325 km
33Itarsi Jn06:2006:45Right Time336 km
34Dulariya06:5806:59Right Time348 km
35Dharmkundi07:1607:18Right Time361 km
36Banapura07:3407:35Right Time369 km
37Bhaironpur07:4407:45Right Time377 km
38Pagdhal07:5407:55Right Time384 km
39Timarni08:2408:25Right Time397 km
40Charkhera08:3408:35Right Time405 km
41Harda08:5308:55Right Time411 km
42Palasner09:0109:03Right Time419 km
43Masangaon09:1109:13Right Time425 km
44Bhiringi09:3809:40Right Time430 km
45Khirkiya09:5810:00Right Time443 km
46Dagar Khedi10:1610:18Right Time454 km
47Barud10:4610:48Right Time464 km
48Chhanera10:5610:58Right Time474 km
49Charkheda Khurd11:1611:18Right Time481 km
50Surgaon Banjari11:4611:48Right Time492 km
51Talvadya12:4812:50Right Time504 km
52Mathela13:0013:02Right Time512 km
53Khandwa13:2013:30Right Time519 km
54Bargaon Gujar13:3713:38Right Time525 km
55Bagmar13:4413:45Right Time530 km
56Kohdad13:4913:50Right Time535 km
57Dongargaon13:5813:59Right Time543 km
58Sagphata14:0714:08Right Time550 km
59Mandwa14:1514:16Right Time556 km
60Nepanagar14:2414:26Right Time562 km
61Chandni Chandni Chauk Cba14:3414:35Right Time569 km
62Asirgarh Road14:4314:44Right Time580 km
63Burhanpur14:5214:55Right Time588 km
64Waghoda15:0515:06Right Time598 km
65Raver15:2615:28Right Time608 km
66Nimbhora15:3715:38Right Time618 km
67Savda15:4715:48Right Time627 km
68Duskheda15:5916:00Right Time636 km
69Bhusaval Jn17:00Right Time643 km