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51190 ACOI ET PASS Running status

Departure19:20 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Sep 2018 2:15
1Allahabd Chheoki19:20Right TimeYet to start
2Link Jn Cabin19:3019:32Right Time8 km
3Iradatganj19:3819:40Right Time16 km
4Jasra19:4719:49Right Time21 km
5Madaraha19:5820:00Right Time27 km
6Lohgara20:0820:10Right Time33 km
7Shankargarh20:1820:20Right Time43 km
8Majhiari20:3320:35Right Time53 km
9Bargarh20:5821:00Right Time60 km
10Kataiya Dandi Halt21:1821:20Right Time65 km
11Dabhaura22:3322:35Right Time76 km
12Panhai22:5522:57Right Time87 km
13Manikpur Jn23:2023:30Right Time98 km
14Markundi23:5223:54Right Time114 km
15Tikaria00:0200:04Right Time122 km
16Majhgawan00:1800:20Right Time135 km
17Chitahra00:2800:30Right Time141 km
18Khutaha00:3800:40Right Time148 km
19Jaitwar00:4800:50Right Time156 km
20Sagma T01:1401:16Right Time171 km
21Satna01:5002:00Right Time176 km
22Lagargawan02:0802:10Right Time187 km
23Unchhera02:1802:20Right Time197 km
24Maihar02:3302:35Right Time211 km
25Bhadanpur02:5803:00Right Time224 km
26Amdara03:1803:20Right Time237 km
27Pakaria Road03:3803:40Right Time247 km
28Jukehi03:5804:00Right Time257 km
29Patwara04:4304:45Right Time265 km
30Katni05:2005:30Right Time274 km
31Madhavnagar Road05:3905:40Right Time279 km
32Niwar05:4805:50Right Time287 km
33Sansarpur05:5906:00Right Time295 km
34Sleemanabad Rd06:1306:15Right Time302 km
35Dundi06:2806:30Right Time311 km
36Sihora Road07:5808:00Right Time326 km
37Gosalpur08:1808:20Right Time337 km
38Deori08:3308:35Right Time348 km
39Adhartal08:5809:00Right Time357 km
40Jabalpur09:1009:20Right Time365 km
41Madan Mahal09:2609:28Right Time368 km
42Bheraghat09:3809:40Right Time381 km
43Bhitoni09:4809:50Right Time394 km
44Bikrampur09:5810:00Right Time406 km
45Shridham10:1310:15Right Time418 km
46Karak Bel10:2310:25Right Time433 km
47Belkhera10:3310:35Right Time437 km
48Ghat Pindrai10:4310:45Right Time443 km
49Narsinghpur10:5811:00Right Time449 km
50Kareli11:1311:15Right Time464 km
51Bohani11:3311:35Right Time480 km
52Gadarwara11:4811:50Right Time493 km
53Salichauka Road11:5812:00Right Time507 km
54Juneta12:0712:08Right Time517 km
55Bankhedi12:1812:20Right Time524 km
56Pipariya12:3312:35Right Time542 km
57Sohagpur12:5813:00Right Time560 km
58Guramkhedi13:2813:30Right Time570 km
59Bagra Tawa13:5814:00Right Time583 km
60Sontalai14:3814:40Right Time591 km
61Gurra14:5815:00Right Time599 km
62Itarsi Jn15:30Right Time610 km