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51402 MMR PUNE PASS Running status

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Manmad Jn-MMR
EExpected21:15 20 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Manmad Jn21:15Right TimeYet to start
Ankai21:3321:35Right Time13 km
Yeola21:4921:50Right Time28 km
Kopargaon22:0922:10Right Time41 km
Sanvatsar22:1922:20Right Time48 km
Kanhegaon23:2023:22Right Time57 km
Puntamba23:3323:35Right Time65 km
Chitali23:4323:45Right Time74 km
Belapur00:1200:15Right Time85 km
Nipani Vadgaon00:2200:23Right Time92 km
Padhegaon00:3000:32Right Time98 km
Taklimiya00:4000:41Right Time107 km
Rahuri00:5000:52Right Time112 km
Vambori01:0301:05Right Time125 km
Vilad01:1801:20Right Time136 km
Ahmadnagar01:5502:00Right Time152 km
Akolner02:2302:25Right Time165 km
Sarola02:3302:35Right Time171 km
Ranjangaon Road02:4802:50Right Time181 km
Visapur02:5803:00Right Time187 km
Belvandi03:1303:15Right Time201 km
Shrigonda Road03:2803:30Right Time215 km
Kashti03:4303:45Right Time226 km
Daund Jn04:5005:40Right Time236 km
Patas05:5305:54Right Time248 km
Kadethan06:0006:01Right Time253 km
Kedgaon06:0706:08Right Time257 km
Khutbav06:1306:14Right Time264 km
Yevat06:2206:23Right Time270 km
Uruli06:3906:40Right Time283 km
Loni06:5106:52Right Time295 km
Manjari Budruk06:5706:58Right Time301 km
Hadapsar07:0607:07Right Time305 km
Pune Jn07:30Right Time311 km