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51421 PUNE NZB PASS Running status

Departure14:25 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 12:34
1Pune Jn14:25Right TimeYet to start
2Hadapsar14:3614:37Right Time6 km
3Manjari Budruk14:4314:44Right Time10 km
4Loni14:5114:52Right Time16 km
5Uruli15:0415:05Right Time28 km
6Yevat15:1815:19Right Time41 km
7Khutbav15:2415:25Right Time47 km
8Kedgaon15:3115:32Right Time54 km
9Kadethan15:3815:39Right Time59 km
10Patas15:4715:48Right Time63 km
11Daund Jn16:1016:25Right Time75 km
12Kashti16:3916:40Right Time85 km
13Shrigonda Road16:5416:55Right Time96 km
14Belvandi17:0917:10Right Time110 km
15Visapur17:2917:30Right Time124 km
16Ranjangaon Road17:4217:43Right Time130 km
17Sarola17:5817:59Right Time140 km
18Akolner18:0718:08Right Time146 km
19Ahmadnagar18:2718:30Right Time159 km
20Vilad18:4918:50Right Time175 km
21Vambori19:0419:05Right Time186 km
22Rahuri19:1719:18Right Time199 km
23Taklimiya19:2319:24Right Time204 km
24Padhegaon19:3219:33Right Time213 km
25Nipani Vadgaon19:4019:41Right Time219 km
26Belapur19:5920:00Right Time226 km
27Chitali20:1520:16Right Time238 km
28Puntamba20:2520:26Right Time246 km
29Kanhegaon20:3520:36Right Time254 km
30Sanvatsar20:4520:46Right Time263 km
31Kopargaon21:1421:15Right Time270 km
32Yeola21:2921:30Right Time283 km
33Ankai21:4321:45Right Time298 km
34Manmad Jn22:4522:50Right Time312 km
35Nagarsol23:2423:25Right Time334 km
36Tarur23:3523:36Right Time348 km
37Rotegaon23:4623:47Right Time362 km
38Parsoda23:5623:57Right Time375 km
39Karanjgaon00:0100:02Right Time380 km
40Lasur00:1400:15Right Time390 km
41Potul00:2400:25Right Time401 km
42Daulatabad00:3400:35Right Time411 km
43Aurangabad00:5000:55Right Time423 km
44Mukunda Wadi H01:0901:10Right Time429 km
45Chikalthan01:1401:15Right Time433 km
46Karmad01:2901:30Right Time447 km
47Badnapur01:4401:45Right Time467 km
48Jalna01:5802:00Right Time486 km
49Sarwari02:0902:10Right Time495 km
50Kodi02:1902:20Right Time505 km
51Ranjani02:2902:30Right Time517 km
52Paradgaon H02:3402:35Right Time523 km
53Partur02:4902:50Right Time531 km
54Usmanpur02:5903:00Right Time540 km
55Satuna03:0903:10Right Time549 km
56Selu03:1903:20Right Time558 km
57Dengli Pimpalgaon03:2903:30Right Time567 km
58Manwath Road03:3903:40Right Time573 km
59Devalgaon Avchar H03:4903:50Right Time582 km
60Pergaon03:5904:00Right Time588 km
61Parbhani Jn04:2804:30Right Time600 km
62Pingli04:3904:40Right Time610 km
63Mirkhal04:4904:50Right Time616 km
64Purna Jn05:3505:40Right Time629 km
65Chudawa05:5906:00Right Time639 km
66Limbgaon06:1406:15Right Time648 km
67Wanegaon H06:2106:22Right Time653 km
68H Sahib Nanded06:5507:00Right Time659 km
69Pathrad H07:1907:20Right Time669 km
70Mugat07:4407:45Right Time673 km
71Mudkhed Jn08:0008:02Right Time682 km
72Sivungaon08:3808:39Right Time688 km
73Shelgaon08:4408:45Right Time694 km
74Umri08:5508:56Right Time701 km
75Bolsa09:0509:06Right Time710 km
76Karkheli09:1509:16Right Time717 km
77Samarala H09:2209:23Right Time724 km
78Dharmabad09:3109:32Right Time731 km
79Basar09:4809:49Right Time741 km
80Fakharbad09:5609:57Right Time748 km
81Navipet10:0610:07Right Time755 km
82Jankampet Jn10:1610:17Right Time764 km
83Nizamabad10:35Right Time770 km