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51422 NZB PUNE PASS Running status

Departure23:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated11 Jul 2018 11:19
1Nizamabad23:40Right TimeYet to start
2Jankampet Jn23:4823:49Right Time6 km
3Navipet23:5900:01Right Time15 km
4Basar00:1600:18Right Time29 km
5Dharmabad00:2800:29Right Time39 km
6Karkheli00:4100:42Right Time53 km
7Bolsa00:5000:51Right Time60 km
8Umri01:1401:15Right Time69 km
9Sivungaon01:2901:30Right Time82 km
10Mudkhed Jn01:5802:00Right Time88 km
11Mugat02:0902:10Right Time98 km
12H Sahib Nanded02:4002:45Right Time111 km
13Limbgaon02:5702:58Right Time122 km
14Chudawa03:0703:08Right Time132 km
15Purna Jn03:2503:30Right Time141 km
16Mirkhal03:4403:45Right Time154 km
17Pingli03:5103:52Right Time160 km
18Parbhani Jn04:0304:05Right Time170 km
19Pergaon04:1604:17Right Time182 km
20Manwath Road04:2904:30Right Time197 km
21Selu04:4104:42Right Time212 km
22Satuna04:4904:50Right Time222 km
23Usmanpur04:5905:00Right Time230 km
24Partur05:2905:30Right Time239 km
25Paradgaon H05:3405:35Right Time247 km
26Ranjani05:4905:50Right Time253 km
27Kodi06:0906:10Right Time265 km
28Sarwari06:3406:35Right Time275 km
29Jalna07:0307:05Right Time284 km
30Badnapur07:2407:25Right Time303 km
31Karmad07:3907:40Right Time323 km
32Chikalthan07:4907:50Right Time337 km
33Mukunda Wadi H07:5407:55Right Time341 km
34Aurangabad08:1508:20Right Time347 km
35Daulatabad08:3408:35Right Time360 km
36Potul08:4908:50Right Time369 km
37Lasur09:0909:10Right Time381 km
38Karanjgaon09:1909:20Right Time390 km
39Parsoda09:2909:30Right Time395 km
40Rotegaon09:4409:45Right Time408 km
41Tarur09:5910:00Right Time422 km
42Nagarsol10:1910:20Right Time436 km
43Manmad Jn11:3011:40Right Time459 km
44Ankai12:1912:20Right Time472 km
45Yeola12:3412:35Right Time487 km
46Kopargaon12:4812:50Right Time500 km
47Sanvatsar12:5712:58Right Time508 km
48Kanhegaon13:0713:08Right Time516 km
49Puntamba13:1913:20Right Time524 km
50Chitali13:2913:30Right Time533 km
51Belapur13:5814:00Right Time544 km
52Nipani Vadgaon14:0714:08Right Time551 km
53Padhegaon14:1614:17Right Time557 km
54Taklimiya14:2414:25Right Time566 km
55Rahuri14:3414:35Right Time571 km
56Vambori14:4814:50Right Time584 km
57Vilad15:1815:20Right Time596 km
58Ahmadnagar15:5015:55Right Time611 km
59Akolner16:1316:15Right Time624 km
60Sarola16:2316:25Right Time630 km
61Ranjangaon Road16:3916:40Right Time640 km
62Visapur16:4816:50Right Time646 km
63Belvandi17:0817:10Right Time660 km
64Shrigonda Road17:2817:30Right Time674 km
65Kashti17:4417:45Right Time685 km
66Daund Jn18:3518:50Right Time695 km
67Patas19:0419:05Right Time707 km
68Kadethan19:1019:11Right Time712 km
69Kedgaon19:2219:23Right Time716 km
70Khutbav19:2919:30Right Time723 km
71Yevat19:4119:42Right Time729 km
72Uruli19:5419:55Right Time742 km
73Loni20:0720:08Right Time754 km
74Manjari Budruk20:1420:15Right Time760 km
75Hadapsar20:2420:25Right Time764 km
76Pune Jn20:55Right Time770 km