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51680 CPU KTE PASS Running status

Arrival17:05 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:17
1Chopan07:25Right TimeYet to start
2Billi07:3307:35Right Time6 km
3Obra Dam07:4507:46Right Time12 km
4Paprakund07:5607:57Right Time18 km
5Magardaha08:0708:08Right Time25 km
6Khuldil Road08:2308:24Right Time31 km
7Mirchadhorhi08:3708:38Right Time41 km
8Karaila Road Jn08:5108:52Right Time49 km
9Churki09:0309:04Right Time54 km
10Singrauli09:1809:28Right Time62 km
11Mahadiya09:4409:45Right Time68 km
12Bargawan09:5810:00Right Time82 km
13Majhauli10:1610:18Right Time92 km
14Deoragram10:2810:30Right Time98 km
15Gajara Bahara10:3810:40Right Time109 km
16Saraigram10:5310:55Right Time119 km
17Surasaraighat Jhara11:0311:05Right Time129 km
18Bharsendi11:1311:15Right Time138 km
19Niwas Road11:2311:25Right Time148 km
20Shankarpur Bhadaura11:3311:35Right Time155 km
21Marwasgram11:4811:50Right Time164 km
22Joba11:5812:00Right Time172 km
23Kanchanpur Road12:0812:10Right Time181 km
24Duvri Kalan12:1812:20Right Time196 km
25Beohari12:5013:00Right Time211 km
26Chhataini13:1813:20Right Time222 km
27Bara13:2913:30Right Time231 km
28Bijaysota13:4813:50Right Time241 km
29Damay13:5814:00Right Time252 km
30Mahroi14:1314:15Right Time261 km
31Khanna Banjari14:2814:30Right Time272 km
32Pipariya Kalan14:4314:45Right Time283 km
33Salhana14:5815:00Right Time294 km
34Lakhakera15:0815:10Right Time303 km
35Katangi Khurd15:2815:30Right Time311 km
36Katni17:05Right Time323 km