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51753 REWA CHRM F PAS Running status

Arrival19:53 Right Time
Departure19:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Dec 2018 10:15
1Rewa18:00Right TimeYet to start
2Turki Road18:1018:12Right Time12 km
3Baghai Road18:2218:24Right Time21 km
4Satna19:1519:20Right Time49 km
5Unchhera19:3819:40Right Time70 km
6Maihar19:5319:55Right Time84 km
7Amdara20:1620:18Right Time111 km
8Jukehi20:3420:36Right Time130 km
9Katni22:1522:35Right Time147 km
10Rupaund23:0923:11Right Time171 km
11Chandia Road23:2723:29Right Time188 km
12Umaria23:4823:50Right Time207 km
13Karkeli00:0000:02Right Time220 km
14Nowrozabad00:1200:14Right Time230 km
15Birsinghpur00:2300:25Right Time237 km
16Shahdol01:0501:15Right Time274 km
17Singhpur01:2201:23Right Time280 km
18Burhar01:3301:35Right Time294 km
19Amlai01:4301:45Right Time303 km
20Anuppur Jn02:0002:05Right Time315 km
21Mauhari02:1502:17Right Time323 km
22Dhurwasin H02:2402:26Right Time331 km
23Harrad02:3602:38Right Time338 km
24Kotma02:4802:53Right Time347 km
25Baihatola03:0103:03Right Time356 km
26Bijuri03:2003:30Right Time362 km
27Boridand Jn03:4203:44Right Time372 km
28Manendragarh04:0504:15Right Time379 km
29Paradol04:3904:41Right Time390 km
30Chirmiri05:30Right Time402 km