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51814 LKO JHS PASS Running status

Departure16:35 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated12 Nov 2018 10:15
1Lucknow16:35Right TimeYet to start
2Lko Alambagh W Cabin16:4316:45Right Time2 km
3Manak Nagar17:0017:01Right Time5 km
4Amausi17:0817:09Right Time13 km
5Piparsand17:1617:17Right Time19 km
6Harauni17:2517:26Right Time25 km
7Jaitipur17:3417:35Right Time33 km
8Kusumbhi17:4117:42Right Time37 km
9Ajgain17:4817:49Right Time41 km
10Sonik17:5717:58Right Time48 km
11Unnao Jn18:0718:08Right Time56 km
12Magarwara18:1918:20Right Time62 km
13Kanpur Bridge Rb18:3618:37Right Time70 km
14Kanpur Central18:5019:00Right Time74 km
15Govindpuri19:1319:15Right Time77 km
16Bhimsen19:2919:30Right Time87 km
17Binaur19:3719:39Right Time94 km
18Rasulpur Gogumau19:4619:48Right Time98 km
19Paman19:5419:56Right Time102 km
20Tilaunchi20:0420:06Right Time111 km
21Lalpur20:1320:15Right Time116 km
22Malasa20:2220:24Right Time122 km
23Pokhrayan20:3320:35Right Time132 km
24Chaunrah20:4420:46Right Time140 km
25Kalpi20:5420:56Right Time146 km
26Ata21:1021:12Right Time164 km
27Orai21:2521:27Right Time179 km
28Bhua21:4121:43Right Time191 km
29Ait Jn21:5421:56Right Time204 km
30Parauna22:0822:10Right Time215 km
31Erich Road22:2022:22Right Time226 km
32Moth22:3322:35Right Time238 km
33Nandkhas22:5522:57Right Time250 km
34Chirgaon23:0823:10Right Time261 km
35Paricha Thermal23:1823:19Right Time268 km
36Paricha23:2323:25Right Time271 km
37Garhmau23:3023:32Right Time279 km
38Mustara23:4023:42Right Time285 km
39Jhansi Jn00:25Right Time293 km