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51827 ET JHS PASS Running status

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Itarsi Jn-ET
EExpected18:10 27 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update28 Apr 2018 11:59
Yet to start
1Itarsi Jn18:10Right TimeYet to start
2Powarkheda18:2118:22Right Time8 km
3Hoshangabad18:3018:32Right Time17 km
4Budni18:4118:43Right Time24 km
5Barkhera19:2019:22Right Time44 km
6Obaidulla Ganj19:3219:34Right Time55 km
7Mandi Dip19:4919:51Right Time69 km
8Misrod20:0220:04Right Time79 km
9Habibganj21:0022:20Right Time85 km
10Bhopal Jn22:4522:55Right Time91 km
11Sukhi Sewaniyan23:0823:10Right Time102 km
12Dewanganj23:4323:45Right Time119 km
13Salamatpur23:5323:55Right Time128 km
14Sanchi00:1800:20Right Time135 km
15Vidisha00:2800:30Right Time144 km
16Sorai00:3800:40Right Time150 km
17Sumer00:4800:50Right Time158 km
18Gulabganj01:3001:32Right Time166 km
19Pabai01:4001:42Right Time175 km
20Ganj Basoda02:0802:10Right Time184 km
21Bareth02:3402:36Right Time194 km
22Kalhar02:5302:55Right Time203 km
23Mandi Bamora03:0603:08Right Time212 km
24Kurwai Kothora03:3803:40Right Time220 km
25Bina Jn04:0504:25Right Time230 km
26Agasod04:4004:42Right Time238 km
27Karonda04:5004:52Right Time249 km
28Mohasa05:0805:10Right Time255 km
29Dhaura05:1805:20Right Time264 km
30Jakhlaun05:3305:35Right Time276 km
31Jiron05:4305:45Right Time283 km
32Lalitpur06:2006:25Right Time292 km
33Dailwara06:3306:35Right Time303 km
34Jakhaura06:4406:46Right Time312 km
35Bijrotha06:5306:55Right Time321 km
36Daulta07:0307:05Right Time326 km
37Talbahat07:1807:20Right Time332 km
38Matatila07:2807:30Right Time337 km
39Basai07:4007:42Right Time345 km
40Burhpura07:5007:52Right Time352 km
41Babina08:0808:10Right Time357 km
42Khajraha08:1808:20Right Time365 km
43Bijauli08:2808:30Right Time374 km
44Jhansi Jn09:50Right Time381 km