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51828 JHS ET PASS Running status

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Jhansi Jn-JHS
EExpected18:10 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update28 Apr 2018 11:55
Yet to start
1Jhansi Jn18:10Right TimeYet to start
2Bijauli18:2318:24Right Time7 km
3Khajraha18:3418:35Right Time15 km
4Babina18:4518:46Right Time24 km
5Burhpura18:5318:54Right Time28 km
6Basai19:0319:04Right Time36 km
7Matatila19:1319:14Right Time43 km
8Talbahat19:2219:23Right Time48 km
9Daulta19:3019:32Right Time54 km
10Bijrotha19:4119:43Right Time59 km
11Jakhaura19:5019:52Right Time68 km
12Dailwara20:0120:03Right Time78 km
13Lalitpur20:0720:12Right Time88 km
14Jiron20:2520:27Right Time98 km
15Jakhlaun20:3520:37Right Time105 km
16Dhaura20:4520:47Right Time116 km
17Mohasa20:5520:57Right Time125 km
18Karonda21:0821:10Right Time131 km
19Agasod22:5823:00Right Time143 km
20Bina Jn23:5000:40Right Time151 km
21Kurwai Kothora00:5100:53Right Time160 km
22Mandi Bamora01:0201:04Right Time168 km
23Kalhar01:1301:15Right Time177 km
24Bareth01:3101:33Right Time186 km
25Ganj Basoda02:2602:28Right Time196 km
26Pabai02:3502:37Right Time205 km
27Gulabganj02:4602:48Right Time215 km
28Sumer02:5502:57Right Time222 km
29Sorai03:0503:07Right Time230 km
30Vidisha03:1303:15Right Time236 km
31Sanchi04:1704:19Right Time245 km
32Salamatpur04:2404:26Right Time252 km
33Dewanganj04:3504:37Right Time262 km
34Sukhi Sewaniyan05:5305:55Right Time278 km
35Bhopal Jn08:3508:50Right Time289 km
36Habibganj09:0009:02Right Time295 km
37Misrod09:1009:12Right Time301 km
38Mandi Dip09:2109:23Right Time311 km
39Obaidulla Ganj09:3609:38Right Time325 km
40Barkhera09:4809:50Right Time336 km
41Budni10:2310:25Right Time356 km
42Hoshangabad10:3410:36Right Time363 km
43Powarkheda10:4510:47Right Time372 km
44Itarsi Jn11:20Right Time381 km