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51832 AGC JHS PASS Running status

Departure07:17 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated16 Jan 2019 2:15
1Agra Cantt07:17Right TimeYet to start
2Bhandai07:3107:32Right Time10 km
3Jajau07:4507:46Right Time26 km
4Mania07:5908:00Right Time40 km
5Dhaulpur08:0308:04Right Time52 km
6Hetampur08:1708:19Right Time55 km
7Sikroda Kwanri08:2508:27Right Time60 km
8Morena08:3508:37Right Time69 km
9Sank08:4608:48Right Time78 km
10Nurabad08:5308:54Right Time82 km
11Banmore09:0009:02Right Time88 km
12Rayaru09:0909:24Right Time94 km
13Birlanagar09:3309:35Right Time104 km
14Gwalior Jn09:4509:50Right Time107 km
15Sithouli10:0010:02Right Time116 km
16Sandalpur10:1210:13Right Time123 km
17Antri10:2010:22Right Time129 km
18Anantpaith10:3110:33Right Time139 km
19Simariatal10:3810:39Right Time144 km
20Dabra10:4610:48Right Time149 km
21Kotra10:5710:59Right Time159 km
22Sonagir11:0811:26Right Time168 km
23Datia11:4011:42Right Time179 km
24CIRL11:4912:42Right Time186 km
25Karari12:4914:42Right Time193 km
26Jhansi Jn15:05Right Time204 km