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51912 SRE DLI PASS Running status

Departure18:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Nov 2018 10:15
1Saharanpur18:15Right TimeYet to start
2Tapri Jn18:2618:27Right Time7 km
3Manani18:3818:39Right Time18 km
4Bhankala H18:4518:46Right Time23 km
5Rampur Maniharan18:5218:53Right Time27 km
6Sona Arjunpur18:5919:00Right Time33 km
7Nanauta19:0719:08Right Time39 km
8Thana Bhawan19:1919:20Right Time49 km
9Thana Bhawan Town H19:2519:26Right Time51 km
10Harhar Fatehpur19:3119:32Right Time55 km
11Hind19:4719:48Right Time60 km
12Silawar20:0420:05Right Time63 km
13Shamli20:1520:20Right Time70 km
14Gujran Balwa H20:2720:28Right Time75 km
15Khandrawali H20:3220:34Right Time78 km
16Kandhla20:4320:44Right Time84 km
17Ailam H20:5220:53Right Time90 km
18Asra Halt20:5820:59Right Time92 km
19Bhudpur21:0521:06Right Time96 km
20Qasimpur Kheri21:1221:13Right Time100 km
21Bawli H21:2021:21Right Time105 km
22Baraut21:3821:40Right Time110 km
23Barka H21:5521:56Right Time112 km
24Alawalpur Idrispur22:0122:02Right Time115 km
25Sujra22:0722:08Right Time119 km
26Baghpat Road22:1722:18Right Time125 km
27Ahera22:3322:34Right Time128 km
28Sunehra22:3922:40Right Time131 km
29Khekra22:4622:47Right Time135 km
30Fakharpur H22:5322:54Right Time138 km
31Gotra22:5923:00Right Time142 km
32Nusratabad Kharkhari H23:0623:07Right Time146 km
33Noli23:1323:14Right Time149 km
34Behta Hazipur23:1923:20Right Time152 km
35Delhi Shahdara23:2823:30Right Time158 km
36Delhi23:50Right Time164 km