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52473 PTK JDNX PASS N G Running status

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Pathankot Jn-PTK
EExpected10:00 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Pathankot Jn10:00Right TimeYet to start
2Dalhousi Road10:1710:19Right Time15 km
3Kandwal10:3710:38Right Time19 km
4Nurpur Road10:5010:52Right Time29 km
5Talara11:1111:13Right Time44 km
6Balle Da Pir Larath11:2411:25Right Time50 km
7Bharmar11:3711:38Right Time58 km
8Jawanwala Shahr11:5311:55Right Time68 km
9Harsar Dehri12:1012:12Right Time79 km
10Meghrajpura12:2612:27Right Time88 km
11Nagrota Suriyan12:3612:38Right Time93 km
12Baryal Himachal12:4812:49Right Time98 km
13Nandpur Bhatauli12:5512:56Right Time101 km
14Guler13:0613:08Right Time108 km
15Lunsu H13:1913:20Right Time114 km
16Tripal13:2913:30Right Time120 km
17Jawalamukhi Road14:2314:25Right Time124 km
18Koparlahar14:4014:42Right Time135 km
19Kangra14:5314:55Right Time141 km
20Kangra Mandir15:0215:03Right Time146 km
21Samloti15:1515:16Right Time155 km
22Nagrota15:2815:30Right Time163 km
23Chamunda Marg15:5015:51Right Time168 km
24Paror16:0516:06Right Time179 km
25Sulah Himachal Pradesh16:1216:13Right Time182 km
26Palampur Himachal16:3216:34Right Time191 km
27Patti Rajpura H16:5716:58Right Time196 km
28Panch Rukhi17:0417:05Right Time200 km
29Majhairan Himachal17:1717:18Right Time207 km
30Baijnath Paprola17:3018:05Right Time212 km
31Baijnath Mandir18:1218:13Right Time215 km
32Ahju18:4218:44Right Time228 km
33Chauntra Bhaterh19:0619:08Right Time236 km
34Joginder Nagar19:45Right Time245 km