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53002 AZ HWH PASS Running status

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EExpected21:05 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Azimganj21:05Right TimeYet to start
2Lalbagh Court Road21:1321:14Right Time6 km
3Khagraghat Road21:2221:23Right Time14 km
4Jibanti H21:2921:30Right Time20 km
5Karna Subarna21:3521:36Right Time25 km
6Chowrigacha21:4321:44Right Time34 km
7Bazarsau21:5121:52Right Time42 km
8Tenya22:0322:04Right Time49 km
9Malihati Talibpur Road22:1022:11Right Time53 km
10Salar22:1522:16Right Time55 km
11Jhamatpur Baharan22:3322:34Right Time59 km
12Gangatikuri22:3822:39Right Time62 km
13Katwa Jn23:0023:05Right Time72 km
14Dainhat23:1323:14Right Time79 km
15Agradwip23:2023:21Right Time85 km
16Patuli23:2523:26Right Time90 km
17Purbasthali23:3823:39Right Time104 km
18Nabadwip Dham23:4723:49Right Time114 km
19Samudragarh23:5723:58Right Time122 km
20Dhatrigram00:0500:06Right Time128 km
21Ambika Kalna00:1700:18Right Time137 km
22Guptipara00:2400:25Right Time144 km
23Somra Bazar00:3300:34Right Time151 km
24Balagarh00:3700:38Right Time154 km
25Jirat00:4300:44Right Time157 km
26Khamargachhi00:5000:51Right Time162 km
27Kuntighat00:5700:58Right Time168 km
28Tribeni01:0201:03Right Time171 km
29Bansh Baria01:0701:08Right Time175 km
30Bandel Jn02:0002:10Right Time179 km
31Chuchura02:1702:20Right Time183 km
32Chandan Nagar02:2502:28Right Time186 km
33Seoraphuli Jn02:3802:42Right Time196 km
34Shrirampur02:4702:52Right Time199 km
35Bally03:0403:07Right Time210 km
36Howrah Jn03:50Right Time219 km