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53008 RPH KWAE PASS Running status

Arrival10:04 Right Time
Departure10:05 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:17
1Rampur Hat09:00Right TimeYet to start
2Swadinpur09:0809:09Right Time7 km
3Nalhati Jn09:1809:20Right Time14 km
4Takipur09:2909:30Right Time21 km
5Lohapur09:3709:38Right Time27 km
6Morgram09:4509:46Right Time33 km
7Sagardighi09:5409:55Right Time40 km
8Barala10:0410:05Right Time48 km
9Gosaingram10:1210:13Right Time52 km
10Azimganj City11:0411:05Right Time58 km
11Azimganj11:2012:05Right Time59 km
12Lalbagh Court Road12:1312:14Right Time66 km
13Niyalish Para12:2512:26Right Time71 km
14Khagraghat Road12:3012:31Right Time74 km
15Jibanti H12:3712:38Right Time79 km
16Karna Subarna12:4312:44Right Time84 km
17Kanthalia Road H12:4912:50Right Time89 km
18Chowrigacha12:5712:58Right Time94 km
19Kazipara Halt13:0813:09Right Time98 km
20Bazarsau13:1313:14Right Time101 km
21Miagram H13:2013:21Right Time104 km
22Tenya13:3413:35Right Time108 km
23Malihati Talibpur Road13:4213:43Right Time113 km
24Salar13:4613:47Right Time115 km
25Jhamatpur Baharan13:5213:53Right Time119 km
26Gangatikuri14:0114:02Right Time121 km
27Shiblun H14:1114:12Right Time124 km
28Nabagram Kankurhati Halt14:1714:18Right Time129 km
29Katwa Jn14:30Right Time132 km