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53018 AZ KWAE PASS Running status

Departure15:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated12 Nov 2018 10:15
1Azimganj15:15Right TimeYet to start
2Dahapara Dham15:2015:21Right Time4 km
3Lalbagh Court Road15:2615:27Right Time7 km
4Niyalish Para15:3315:34Right Time12 km
5Khagraghat Road15:3715:38Right Time15 km
6Jibanti H15:4415:45Right Time20 km
7Karna Subarna15:5015:51Right Time25 km
8Kanthalia Road H15:5615:57Right Time30 km
9Chowrigacha16:0216:03Right Time35 km
10Kazipara Halt16:0816:09Right Time39 km
11Bazarsau16:1316:14Right Time42 km
12Miagram H16:2016:21Right Time45 km
13Tenya16:3416:35Right Time49 km
14Malihati Talibpur Road16:4616:47Right Time54 km
15Salar16:5116:52Right Time56 km
16Jhamatpur Baharan16:5716:58Right Time60 km
17Gangatikuri17:0217:03Right Time62 km
18Shiblun H17:1217:13Right Time65 km
19Nabagram Kankurhati Halt17:1817:19Right Time70 km
20Katwa Jn17:28Right Time73 km