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53022 SBG AZ PASS Running status

Departure14:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:17
1Sahibganj Jn14:15Right TimeYet to start
2Sakrigali14:2514:26Right Time8 km
3Moharajpur14:3514:36Right Time14 km
4Karanpurato14:4514:46Right Time21 km
5Taljhari14:5514:56Right Time28 km
6Kalyan Chak15:0215:03Right Time33 km
7Tinpahar Jn15:1315:14Right Time38 km
8Bakudi15:3615:37Right Time47 km
9Barharwa Jn16:1016:20Right Time55 km
10Bonidanga16:2916:30Right Time60 km
11Tildanga16:4116:42Right Time65 km
12Sankopara H16:5816:59Right Time72 km
13Dhulian Ganga17:0617:07Right Time77 km
14Basudebpur H17:1417:15Right Time85 km
15Nimtita17:2417:25Right Time87 km
16Sujnipara17:3817:39Right Time94 km
17Ahiran H17:4717:48Right Time101 km
18Jangipur Road18:0918:10Right Time107 km
19Gankar18:1618:17Right Time113 km
20Manigram18:2518:26Right Time122 km
21Mahipal H18:3418:35Right Time130 km
22Mahipal Road18:3918:40Right Time132 km
23Poradanga H18:4518:46Right Time137 km
24Azimganj City18:5118:52Right Time141 km
25Azimganj19:30Right Time142 km