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53029 AZ BGP PASS Running status

Departure16:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated11 Dec 2018 10:15
1Azimganj16:25Right TimeYet to start
2Azimganj City16:2716:28Right Time1 km
3Poradanga H16:3416:35Right Time5 km
4Mahipal Road16:4016:41Right Time10 km
5Mahipal H16:4416:45Right Time12 km
6Noapara Mahishasar16:5016:51Right Time16 km
7Manigram16:5616:57Right Time21 km
8Gankar17:0517:06Right Time29 km
9Jangipur Road17:2017:21Right Time35 km
10Ahiran H17:3917:40Right Time42 km
11Sujnipara17:4917:50Right Time48 km
12Nimtita17:5717:58Right Time55 km
13Basudebpur H18:0318:04Right Time58 km
14Dhulian Ganga18:1118:12Right Time65 km
15Sankopara H18:1918:20Right Time70 km
16Ballalpore H18:2618:27Right Time74 km
17Tildanga18:4818:49Right Time78 km
18Bindubasini18:5618:57Right Time79 km
19Bonidanga19:0419:05Right Time83 km
20Barharwa Jn19:3019:40Right Time87 km
21Bakudi19:5019:51Right Time95 km
22Dhamdhamia19:5619:57Right Time98 km
23Tinpahar Jn20:0320:04Right Time104 km
24Kalyan Chak20:1120:12Right Time109 km
25Taljhari20:1920:20Right Time114 km
26Karanpurato20:2920:30Right Time121 km
27Moharajpur20:3920:40Right Time128 km
28Sakrigali20:5620:57Right Time134 km
29Sahibganj Jn22:0822:28Right Time142 km
30Karamtolla23:0623:07Right Time151 km
31Mirza Cheuki23:1523:16Right Time157 km
32Ammapali23:2123:22Right Time161 km
33Pirpainti23:2823:29Right Time166 km
34Lakshmipur Bhorang23:3623:37Right Time170 km
35Shivnarayanpur23:4423:45Right Time175 km
36Bikramshila23:5323:54Right Time180 km
37Kahalgaon00:0500:06Right Time186 km
38Ekchari00:1200:13Right Time191 km
39Ghoga00:2000:21Right Time196 km
40Lailakh Mamalkha00:3700:38Right Time202 km
41Sabour00:5000:51Right Time209 km
42Bhagalpur01:20Right Time217 km