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53042 JYG HWH PASS Running status

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EExpected20:10 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jaynagar20:10Right TimeYet to start
2Khajauli20:2620:28Right Time12 km
3Rajnagar20:4220:44Right Time21 km
4Madhubani20:5621:01Right Time31 km
5Pandaul21:1021:12Right Time40 km
6Sakri Jn21:2821:33Right Time48 km
7Tarsarai21:4221:44Right Time55 km
8Kakarghatti21:5521:57Right Time61 km
9Darbhanga Jn22:2322:33Right Time68 km
10Laheria Sarai22:4122:46Right Time72 km
11Thalwara22:5022:52Right Time79 km
12Haiaghat23:0023:02Right Time83 km
13Rambhaddarpur23:1123:13Right Time88 km
14Kishanpur23:2023:22Right Time95 km
15Muktapur23:2923:31Right Time101 km
16Samastipur Jn23:4523:55Right Time105 km
17Ujiarpur00:0600:07Right Time114 km
18Nazirganj00:1500:16Right Time121 km
19Dalsingh Sarai00:2600:27Right Time128 km
20Sathajagat00:3400:35Right Time133 km
21Bachwara Jn01:0201:03Right Time139 km
22Teghra01:1301:14Right Time148 km
23Barauni F01:2101:22Right Time153 km
24Barauni Jn01:5502:05Right Time156 km
25Dinkar Gram Simaria02:1702:18Right Time162 km
26Rajendra Pul02:3602:37Right Time166 km
27Hathidah Jn Upper02:4302:44Right Time168 km
28Barhiya03:0603:07Right Time179 km
29Mankatha03:3503:36Right Time188 km
30Luckeesarai Jn03:4403:46Right Time194 km
31Kiul Jn04:3004:35Right Time195 km
32Dhanauri04:4504:46Right Time201 km
33Uren04:5304:54Right Time207 km
34Kajra05:0005:01Right Time211 km
35Abhaipur05:1005:11Right Time218 km
36Masudan05:1705:18Right Time222 km
37Dharhara05:2505:26Right Time228 km
38Dasharathpur05:3405:35Right Time234 km
39Jamalpur Jn05:4505:50Right Time240 km
40Ratanpur05:5805:59Right Time247 km
41Bariarpur06:0406:05Right Time251 km
42Kalyanpur Road06:1306:14Right Time256 km
43Gangania06:2206:23Right Time262 km
44Sultanganj06:3006:35Right Time269 km
45Maheshi06:4106:42Right Time275 km
46Akbarnagar06:4806:49Right Time279 km
47Chhit Makhanpur06:5506:56Right Time283 km
48Murarpur H06:5907:00Right Time284 km
49Nathnagar07:0607:07Right Time289 km
50Bhagalpur07:2307:33Right Time293 km
51Sabour07:4207:43Right Time301 km
52Lailakh Mamalkha08:0008:01Right Time308 km
53Ghoga08:0908:10Right Time314 km
54Ekchari08:1708:18Right Time319 km
55Kahalgaon08:2908:30Right Time323 km
56Bikramshila09:0109:02Right Time329 km
57Shivnarayanpur09:1009:11Right Time335 km
58Pirpainti09:2209:23Right Time344 km
59Ammapali09:2909:30Right Time348 km
60Mirza Cheuki09:3509:36Right Time352 km
61Karamtolla09:4409:45Right Time358 km
62Sahibganj Jn10:2510:30Right Time367 km
63Sakrigali10:4010:41Right Time375 km
64Moharajpur10:5010:51Right Time381 km
65Karanpurato11:0011:01Right Time389 km
66Taljhari11:1011:11Right Time395 km
67Kalyan Chak11:1711:18Right Time400 km
68Tinpahar Jn11:2411:25Right Time405 km
69Dhamdhamia11:3211:33Right Time411 km
70Bakudi11:3811:39Right Time414 km
71Barharwa Jn12:2712:32Right Time422 km
72Gumani12:4112:42Right Time431 km
73Kotalpukur12:4912:50Right Time438 km
74Tilbhita12:5712:58Right Time445 km
75Pakur13:0413:05Right Time450 km
76Nagarnabi13:3013:31Right Time455 km
77Rajgram13:3813:39Right Time461 km
78Banshlai Bridge13:4513:46Right Time468 km
79Murarai13:5113:52Right Time473 km
80Chatra13:5914:00Right Time480 km
81Nalhati Jn14:0814:10Right Time489 km
82Swadinpur14:1714:18Right Time496 km
83Rampur Hat15:2515:40Right Time503 km
84Tarapith Road15:4715:48Right Time509 km
85Mallarpur15:5415:55Right Time515 km
86Gadadharpur16:0316:04Right Time524 km
87Sainthia Jn16:1216:13Right Time531 km
88Bataspur16:2016:21Right Time539 km
89Ahmadpur Jn16:2616:27Right Time544 km
90Kopai16:3416:35Right Time553 km
91Prantik16:4316:44Right Time559 km
92Bolpur Shantiniketan16:5016:53Right Time563 km
93Bhedia17:0017:01Right Time571 km
94Pichkurir Dhal17:0717:08Right Time576 km
95Guskara17:1517:16Right Time582 km
96Noadar Dhal17:2517:26Right Time588 km
97Banpas17:3117:32Right Time592 km
98Jhapater Dhal17:3817:39Right Time598 km
99Khana Jn19:3819:39Right Time602 km
100Talit19:4419:45Right Time608 km
101Barddhaman19:5520:15Right Time615 km
102Bandel Jn21:4521:50Right Time682 km
103Chuchura21:5721:58Right Time686 km
104Chandan Nagar22:0322:04Right Time689 km
105Seoraphuli Jn22:1422:18Right Time699 km
106Shrirampur22:2322:25Right Time702 km
107Howrah Jn23:00Right Time722 km