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53043 HWH RGD PASS Running status

17:35, Late 6h 25m
Departed from Memari at 19:50, 82 kms. ahead of Howrah Jn
Running Late 6 hr, 59 mins
Train is diverted between Khana Jn and Kiul Jn
Updated20 Sep 2018 19:56
1Howrah Jn17:35Late 6h 25mDeparted
2Shrirampur18:1218:15Late 6h 36mDeparted
3Seoraphuli Jn18:2118:23Late 6h 38mDeparted
4Chandan Nagar18:3418:40Late 6h 43mDeparted
5Chuchura18:5318:54Late 6h 53m
6Bandel Jn18:5319:04Late 6h 50mDeparted
7Pundooah19:2619:27Late 6h 55mDeparted
8Memari19:4919:50Late 6h 59mDeparted 14 min ago updated
9Barddhaman20:1220:17Late 6h 56m25 km away
10Khana Jn20:2920:30Late 6h 51m38 km away
11Jhapater Dhal19:4519:46Late 5h 57m42 km away
12Banpas19:5019:51Late 5h 57m47 km away
13Noadar Dhal19:5719:58Late 5h 57m52 km away
14Guskara20:0520:10Late 5h 57m57 km away
15Pichkurir Dhal20:1720:18Late 5h 57m63 km away
16Bhedia20:2420:25Late 5h 57m69 km away
17Bolpur Shantiniketan20:3320:36Late 5h 57m76 km away
18Prantik20:4220:43Late 5h 57m80 km away
19Kopai20:5220:53Late 5h 57m87 km away
20Ahmadpur Jn21:0121:02Late 5h 57m95 km away
21Bataspur21:0721:08Late 5h 57m101 km away
22Sainthia Jn21:1521:17Late 5h 57m109 km away
23Gadadharpur21:2421:25Late 5h 57m116 km away
24Mallarpur21:3221:33Late 5h 57m124 km away
25Tarapith Road21:3921:40Late 5h 57m130 km away
26Rampur Hat21:4921:57Late 5h 47m137 km away
27Nalhati Jn22:1122:13Late 5h 47m151 km away
28Chatra22:1922:20Late 5h 47m159 km away
29Murarai22:2822:29Late 5h 47m167 km away
30Banshlai Bridge22:3422:35Late 5h 47m172 km away
31Rajgram22:4322:44Late 5h 47m179 km away
32Nagarnabi22:4422:45Late 5h 41m185 km away
33Pakur22:5322:54Late 5h 41m190 km away
34Tilbhita22:4522:46Late 5h 26m194 km away
35Kotalpukur22:5322:54Late 5h 26m202 km away
36Gumani22:5322:54Late 5h 19m208 km away
37Barharwa Jn00:1100:16Late 5h 19m218 km away
38Bakudi00:2500:26Late 5h 19m226 km away
39Tinpahar Jn00:3500:36Late 5h 19m235 km away
40Kalyan Chak00:4200:43Late 5h 19m239 km away
41Taljhari00:5100:52Late 5h 19m244 km away
42Moharajpur01:0501:06Late 5h 19m258 km away
43Sakrigali01:1501:16Late 5h 19m264 km away
44Sahibganj Jn01:3301:41Late 5h 3m272 km away
45Mirza Cheuki01:5501:56Late 5h 3m288 km away
46Pirpainti02:0502:06Late 5h 3m296 km away
47Shivnarayanpur02:1702:18Late 5h 3m305 km away
48Kahalgaon02:3302:34Late 4h 57m316 km away
49Ekchari02:4002:41Late 4h 57m321 km away
50Ghoga02:4802:49Late 4h 54m326 km away
51Lailakh Mamalkha03:0403:05Late 4h 54m332 km away
52Sabour03:1703:18Late 4h 54m339 km away
53Bhagalpur03:2903:39Late 4h 39m346 km away
54Nathnagar03:4503:46Late 4h 39m350 km away
55Akbarnagar03:5703:58Late 4h 39m360 km away
56Maheshi04:0304:04Late 4h 39m365 km away
57Sultanganj04:1004:11Late 4h 39m371 km away
58Bariarpur04:2904:30Late 4h 39m388 km away
59Jamalpur Jn04:4304:53Late 4h 35m399 km away
60Dasharathpur05:0205:03Late 4h 35m406 km away
61Dharhara05:0905:10Late 4h 35m411 km away
62Masudan05:1605:17Late 4h 35m417 km away
63Abhaipur05:2205:23Late 4h 35m421 km away
64Kajra05:3205:33Late 4h 24m429 km away
65Dhanauri06:3706:38Late 3h 49m439 km away
66Kiul Jn10:0110:26Late 6h 51m444 km away
67Luckeesarai Jn10:3310:35Late 6h 53m446 km away
68Mankatha10:4210:44Late 6h 53m451 km away
69Barhiya11:0111:37Late 6h 53m461 km away
70Rampur Dumra11:4811:50Late 7h 5m467 km away
71Hathidah Jn11:5611:58Late 7h 5m471 km away
72Mokameh Jn12:0912:14Late 6h 34m478 km away
73Mor12:2412:26Late 6h 36m486 km away
74Punarakh12:4312:45Late 6h 36m494 km away
75Barh12:5613:47Late 6h 35m504 km away
76Athmal Gola13:5814:00Late 7h 22m513 km away
77Bakhtiyarpur Jn14:0714:32Late 6h 27m522 km away
78Harnaut14:4615:31Late 6h 29m533 km away
79Wena15:3815:40Late 7h 12m538 km away
80Bihar Sharif16:0516:10Late 6h 42m552 km away
81Pawapuri Road Halt16:1716:24Late 6h 47m558 km away
82Nalanda16:4816:50Late 6h 55m564 km away
83Rajgir17:08Late 6h 13m575 km away