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53043 HWH RGD PASS Running status

Departure11:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Jul 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn11:10Right TimeYet to start
2Shrirampur11:3611:39Right Time20 km
3Seoraphuli Jn11:4311:45Right Time22 km
4Chandan Nagar11:5411:57Right Time33 km
5Chuchura12:0012:01Right Time36 km
6Bandel Jn12:1012:14Right Time39 km
7Pundooah12:3112:32Right Time61 km
8Memari12:5012:51Right Time82 km
9Barddhaman13:1613:21Right Time107 km
10Khana Jn13:3813:39Right Time120 km
11Jhapater Dhal13:4713:48Right Time124 km
12Banpas13:5213:53Right Time129 km
13Noadar Dhal13:5914:00Right Time134 km
14Guskara14:0714:12Right Time139 km
15Pichkurir Dhal14:1914:20Right Time145 km
16Bhedia14:2614:27Right Time151 km
17Bolpur Shantiniketan14:3514:38Right Time158 km
18Prantik14:4414:45Right Time162 km
19Kopai14:5414:55Right Time169 km
20Ahmadpur Jn15:0315:04Right Time177 km
21Bataspur15:0915:10Right Time183 km
22Sainthia Jn15:1715:19Right Time191 km
23Gadadharpur15:2615:27Right Time198 km
24Mallarpur15:3415:35Right Time206 km
25Tarapith Road15:4115:42Right Time212 km
26Rampur Hat16:0116:09Right Time219 km
27Nalhati Jn16:2316:25Right Time233 km
28Chatra16:3116:32Right Time241 km
29Murarai16:4016:41Right Time249 km
30Banshlai Bridge16:4616:47Right Time254 km
31Rajgram16:5516:56Right Time261 km
32Nagarnabi17:0217:03Right Time267 km
33Pakur17:0917:10Right Time272 km
34Tilbhita17:1917:20Right Time276 km
35Kotalpukur17:2717:28Right Time284 km
36Gumani17:3417:35Right Time290 km
37Barharwa Jn18:5218:57Right Time300 km
38Bakudi19:0619:07Right Time308 km
39Tinpahar Jn19:1619:17Right Time317 km
40Kalyan Chak19:2319:24Right Time321 km
41Taljhari19:3119:32Right Time326 km
42Moharajpur19:4519:46Right Time340 km
43Sakrigali19:5519:56Right Time346 km
44Sahibganj Jn20:3020:38Right Time354 km
45Mirza Cheuki20:5220:53Right Time370 km
46Pirpainti21:0221:03Right Time378 km
47Shivnarayanpur21:1421:15Right Time387 km
48Kahalgaon21:3021:31Right Time398 km
49Ekchari21:4421:45Right Time403 km
50Ghoga21:5421:55Right Time408 km
51Lailakh Mamalkha22:1022:11Right Time414 km
52Sabour22:2322:24Right Time421 km
53Bhagalpur22:5023:00Right Time428 km
54Nathnagar23:0623:07Right Time432 km
55Akbarnagar23:1823:19Right Time442 km
56Maheshi23:2423:25Right Time447 km
57Sultanganj23:3123:32Right Time453 km
58Bariarpur23:5023:51Right Time470 km
59Jamalpur Jn00:0800:18Right Time481 km
60Dasharathpur00:2700:28Right Time488 km
61Dharhara00:3500:36Right Time493 km
62Masudan00:4300:44Right Time499 km
63Abhaipur00:4900:50Right Time503 km
64Kajra01:0801:09Right Time511 km
65Dhanauri02:4802:49Right Time521 km
66Kiul Jn03:1003:32Right Time526 km
67Luckeesarai Jn03:4003:42Right Time528 km
68Mankatha03:5203:54Right Time533 km
69Barhiya04:2604:28Right Time543 km
70Rampur Dumra04:3804:40Right Time549 km
71Hathidah Jn04:4604:48Right Time553 km
72Mokameh Jn05:3505:40Right Time560 km
73Mor05:4805:50Right Time568 km
74Punarakh06:1006:12Right Time576 km
75Barh06:2106:23Right Time586 km
76Athmal Gola06:3606:38Right Time595 km
77Bakhtiyarpur Jn07:4008:05Right Time604 km
78Harnaut08:1408:16Right Time615 km
79Wena08:2408:26Right Time620 km
80Bihar Sharif08:5708:59Right Time634 km
81Pawapuri Road Halt09:0409:06Right Time640 km
82Nalanda09:1509:17Right Time646 km
83Rajgir10:55Right Time657 km