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53044 RGD HWH PASS Running status

18:30, Late 6h 0m
Yet to start
Updated25 Sep 2018 14:15
Late 6h 0mYet to start
2Nalanda18:4618:47Late 6h 0m11 km
3Pawapuri Road Halt18:5518:56Late 6h 0m18 km
4Bihar Sharif19:0919:10Late 6h 0m24 km
5Wena19:3219:34Late 5h 48m38 km
6Harnaut19:2019:21Late 5h 24m43 km
7Bakhtiyarpur Jn20:0420:34Late 5h 24m53 km
8Athmal Gola20:4120:42Late 5h 24m62 km
9Barh20:5520:56Late 5h 24m71 km
10Punarakh21:0721:08Late 5h 24m81 km
11Mor21:3321:34Late 5h 24m89 km
12Mokameh Jn21:5021:54Late 5h 24m97 km
13Hathidah Jn21:5621:57Late 5h 17m104 km
14Rampur Dumra21:5721:58Late 5h 10m109 km
15Barhiya22:0922:10Late 5h 10m114 km
16Mankatha22:4122:42Late 5h 10m124 km
17Luckeesarai Jn22:5122:52Late 5h 10m130 km
18Kiul Jn23:3023:35Late 5h 10m131 km
19Dhanauri23:4523:46Late 5h 10m136 km
20Uren23:5323:54Late 5h 10m143 km
21Kajra00:0100:02Late 5h 10m147 km
22Abhaipur00:1000:11Late 5h 10m154 km
23Masudan00:1700:18Late 5h 10m158 km
24Dharhara00:2500:26Late 5h 10m164 km
25Dasharathpur00:3400:35Late 5h 6m169 km
26Jamalpur Jn00:4500:55Late 5h 2m176 km
27Ratanpur01:0801:09Late 5h 2m182 km
28Bariarpur01:1401:15Late 5h 2m187 km
29Kalyanpur Road01:2301:24Late 5h 2m191 km
30Gangania01:3201:33Late 5h 2m197 km
31Sultanganj01:4001:41Late 5h 0m205 km
32Maheshi01:4701:48Late 5h 0m211 km
33Akbarnagar01:5401:55Late 4h 57m215 km
34Nathnagar02:0502:06Late 4h 57m225 km
35Bhagalpur02:1402:24Late 4h 57m229 km
36Sabour02:3302:34Late 4h 57m237 km
37Lailakh Mamalkha02:4602:47Late 4h 57m244 km
38Ghoga02:5502:56Late 4h 57m249 km
39Ekchari03:0303:04Late 4h 57m255 km
40Kahalgaon03:0903:10Late 4h 56m259 km
41Shivnarayanpur03:2503:26Late 4h 56m270 km
42Pirpainti03:3703:38Late 4h 56m279 km
43Mirza Cheuki03:4703:48Late 4h 56m288 km
44Sahibganj Jn04:0404:09Late 4h 29m303 km
45Sakrigali04:1904:20Late 4h 29m311 km
46Moharajpur04:3004:31Late 4h 29m317 km
47Taljhari04:4304:44Late 4h 29m331 km
48Kalyan Chak04:5004:51Late 4h 29m336 km
49Tinpahar Jn04:5704:58Late 4h 29m341 km
50Bakudi05:0805:09Late 4h 29m350 km
51Barharwa Jn05:2005:30Late 4h 10m357 km
52Gumani05:3905:40Late 4h 10m367 km
53Kotalpukur05:4605:47Late 4h 10m374 km
54Pakur06:1806:19Late 4h 6m385 km
55Rajgram06:3406:35Late 4h 6m397 km
56Murarai06:4406:45Late 4h 6m408 km
57Nalhati Jn06:5306:55Late 3h 57m425 km
58Rampur Hat07:3207:52Late 3h 42m439 km
59Sainthia Jn08:2208:23Late 3h 42m466 km
60Ahmadpur Jn08:3508:36Late 3h 42m480 km
61Prantik08:5208:53Late 3h 42m495 km
62Bolpur Shantiniketan08:5909:04Late 3h 42m499 km
63Bhedia09:1209:13Late 3h 42m507 km
64Guskara09:2509:26Late 3h 42m518 km
65Banpas09:3609:37Late 3h 42m528 km
66Khana Jn09:5009:51Late 3h 5m537 km
67Barddhaman10:0310:23Late 3h 3m551 km
68Bandel Jn13:2613:32Late 2h 42m618 km
69Chuchura13:3813:39Late 2h 42m622 km
70Chandan Nagar13:4413:45Late 2h 42m625 km
71Seoraphuli Jn14:0014:01Late 2h 42m635 km
72Shrirampur14:0514:06Late 2h 42m638 km
73Howrah Jn14:37Late 2h 27m657 km