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53049 HWH MKA PAS Running status

Departure23:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn23:10Right TimeYet to start
2Shrirampur23:3523:37Right Time20 km
3Seoraphuli Jn23:4223:44Right Time22 km
4Chandan Nagar23:5323:54Right Time33 km
5Chuchura00:0100:02Right Time36 km
6Bandel Jn00:1400:19Right Time39 km
7Adi Saptagram00:2300:24Right Time43 km
8Magra00:2800:29Right Time46 km
9Talandu00:3400:35Right Time50 km
10Khanyan00:4100:42Right Time55 km
11Pundooah00:4800:49Right Time61 km
12Barddhaman01:3201:42Right Time107 km
13Khana Jn01:5601:57Right Time120 km
14Panagarh02:2102:22Right Time155 km
15Durgapur02:3602:41Right Time170 km
16Waria02:4902:50Right Time180 km
17Andal Jn02:5702:59Right Time187 km
18Raniganj03:0803:15Right Time195 km
19Kalipahari03:2603:27Right Time208 km
20Asansol Jn03:4504:05Right Time213 km
21Barachak Jn.04:1204:13Right Time218 km
22Sitarampur04:2104:22Right Time222 km
23Salanpur04:2704:28Right Time226 km
24Rupnarayanpur04:3504:36Right Time234 km
25Chittaranjan04:4404:50Right Time238 km
26Jamtara05:0305:04Right Time252 km
27Vidyasagar05:2005:21Right Time271 km
28Madankata H05:3105:32Right Time280 km
29Joramow05:3805:39Right Time285 km
30Madhupur Jn05:5006:00Right Time295 km
31Mathurapur06:1306:14Right Time306 km
32Sankarpur06:2206:23Right Time315 km
33Kumrabad Rohini06:2806:29Right Time318 km
34Jasidih Jn06:3606:41Right Time324 km
35Lahabon07:2107:23Right Time339 km
36Simultala07:3407:35Right Time349 km
37Narganjo H07:5407:55Right Time360 km
38Jhajha08:3508:40Right Time367 km
39Dadpur B H08:4808:50Right Time375 km
40Gidhaur08:5508:57Right Time379 km
41Chaura Bh09:0309:05Right Time385 km
42Jamui09:1709:19Right Time393 km
43Bhalui09:2609:28Right Time403 km
44Mananpur09:3409:36Right Time407 km
45Bansipur09:4109:43Right Time414 km
46Kiul Jn09:5510:00Right Time421 km
47Luckeesarai Jn10:0510:07Right Time423 km
48Mankatha10:1410:16Right Time428 km
49Barhiya10:3810:40Right Time438 km
50Rampur Dumra10:4710:49Right Time444 km
51Hathidah Jn10:5510:57Right Time448 km
52Tall Jn11:0211:04Right Time451 km
53Mokameh Jn12:05Right Time455 km