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53131 SDAH MFP FAST PGR Running status

Departure05:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Mar 2019 2:15
1Sealdah05:50Right TimeYet to start
2Dum Dum06:0306:05Right Time10 km
3Titagarh06:1906:21Right Time23 km
4Barrackpore06:2506:27Right Time25 km
5Ichhapur06:3206:33Right Time30 km
6Shyamnagar06:3706:38Right Time33 km
7Jagadal06:4206:43Right Time36 km
8Kankinara06:4806:50Right Time38 km
9Naihati Jn07:0307:05Right Time41 km
10Garifa07:1107:12Right Time45 km
11Hooghly Ghat07:1607:17Right Time45 km
12Bandel Jn07:3507:40Right Time50 km
13Pundooah08:0208:03Right Time71 km
14Barddhaman09:0009:04Right Time118 km
15Khana Jn09:1709:18Right Time131 km
16Panagarh09:4309:44Right Time165 km
17Durgapur09:5810:00Right Time180 km
18Waria10:1210:13Right Time189 km
19Andal Jn10:2210:24Right Time196 km
20Raniganj10:3210:34Right Time204 km
21Asansol Jn10:5811:08Right Time222 km
22Barachak Jn.11:1511:16Right Time227 km
23Sitarampur11:2311:25Right Time231 km
24Salanpur11:3011:31Right Time235 km
25Rupnarayanpur11:3811:39Right Time243 km
26Chittaranjan11:4611:47Right Time247 km
27Jamtara12:0012:01Right Time261 km
28Vidyasagar12:1612:17Right Time279 km
29Joramow12:5112:52Right Time294 km
30Madhupur Jn13:0213:07Right Time303 km
31Mathurapur13:1813:19Right Time315 km
32Sankarpur13:2713:28Right Time324 km
33Jasidih Jn13:4213:47Right Time333 km
34Lahabon14:0214:03Right Time348 km
35Simultala14:1514:16Right Time358 km
36Narganjo H15:0715:08Right Time369 km
37Jhajha15:3515:45Right Time376 km
38Dadpur B H15:5015:52Right Time384 km
39Gidhaur15:5816:00Right Time388 km
40Chaura Bh16:0716:09Right Time394 km
41Jamui16:1716:19Right Time402 km
42Bhalui16:2816:30Right Time412 km
43Mananpur16:3816:40Right Time416 km
44Bansipur16:4816:50Right Time423 km
45Kiul Jn17:2017:25Right Time430 km
46Luckeesarai Jn17:3517:37Right Time432 km
47Mankatha18:3318:35Right Time437 km
48Dumari H18:4318:44Right Time442 km
49Barhiya18:5218:54Right Time442 km
50Rampur Dumra19:3619:38Right Time448 km
51Hathidah Jn Upper19:5219:53Right Time453 km
52Rajendra Pul20:0120:02Right Time455 km
53Dinkar Gram Simaria20:1520:17Right Time459 km
54Barauni Jn20:3520:55Right Time465 km
55Barauni F20:5921:00Right Time468 km
56Teghra21:1021:12Right Time473 km
57Bachwara Jn21:2321:25Right Time482 km
58Sathajagat21:3321:35Right Time488 km
59Dalsingh Sarai21:4221:44Right Time493 km
60Nazirganj21:5221:54Right Time501 km
61Ujiarpur22:0122:03Right Time507 km
62Samastipur Jn22:4022:45Right Time516 km
63Karpoorigram22:5322:55Right Time522 km
64Khudiram Bose Pusa23:0223:04Right Time529 km
65Dubaha23:1223:14Right Time537 km
66Dholi23:2123:23Right Time543 km
67Siho23:3023:32Right Time550 km
68Silaut23:3923:41Right Time556 km
69Narayanpur Anant23:4823:50Right Time563 km
70Muzaffarpur Jn01:00Right Time568 km