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53132 MFP SDAH PASS Running status

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Muzaffarpur Jn-MFP
EExpected07:40 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Muzaffarpur Jn07:40Right TimeYet to start
2Narayanpur Anant07:4907:50Right Time4 km
3Silaut07:5908:00Right Time12 km
4Siho08:0808:09Right Time18 km
5Dholi08:1708:18Right Time25 km
6Dubaha08:2608:27Right Time30 km
7Khudiram Bose Pusa08:3608:37Right Time38 km
8Karpoorigram08:4608:47Right Time45 km
9Samastipur Jn09:1009:20Right Time51 km
10Ujiarpur09:3109:32Right Time61 km
11Nazirganj09:4009:41Right Time67 km
12Dalsingh Sarai09:5109:52Right Time75 km
13Sathajagat09:5910:00Right Time79 km
14Bachwara Jn10:0810:09Right Time86 km
15Teghra10:1910:20Right Time95 km
16Barauni F10:2710:28Right Time99 km
17Barauni Jn11:1511:20Right Time102 km
18Dinkar Gram Simaria12:0412:05Right Time108 km
19Rajendra Pul12:1412:15Right Time112 km
20Hathidah Jn Upper12:2212:24Right Time115 km
21Rampur Dumra13:1413:15Right Time119 km
22Barhiya13:2513:30Right Time125 km
23Dumari H13:3413:36Right Time130 km
24Mankatha13:5013:52Right Time135 km
25Luckeesarai Jn14:0214:04Right Time140 km
26Kiul Jn14:2014:30Right Time141 km
27Bansipur14:3814:40Right Time149 km
28Mananpur14:4914:50Right Time155 km
29Bhalui14:5714:58Right Time160 km
30Jamui15:0915:10Right Time169 km
31Chaura Bh15:2015:21Right Time177 km
32Gidhaur15:3015:31Right Time184 km
33Dadpur B H15:3915:41Right Time188 km
34Jhajha16:0016:10Right Time195 km
35Narganjo H16:2116:22Right Time203 km
36Simultala16:4416:45Right Time214 km
37Lahabon16:5816:59Right Time224 km
38Jasidih Jn17:1917:22Right Time239 km
39Kumrabad Rohini17:2917:30Right Time245 km
40Sankarpur17:3417:35Right Time248 km
41Mathurapur17:4417:45Right Time257 km
42Madhupur Jn18:0118:58Right Time268 km
43Joramow19:0819:09Right Time278 km
44Madankata H19:1619:17Right Time283 km
45Vidyasagar19:2919:30Right Time292 km
46Jamtara19:4719:48Right Time310 km
47Chittaranjan20:0720:10Right Time325 km
48Rupnarayanpur20:1620:17Right Time329 km
49Salanpur20:2520:26Right Time336 km
50Sitarampur20:5320:55Right Time341 km
51Barachak Jn.21:0221:03Right Time345 km
52Asansol Jn21:1021:30Right Time350 km
53Raniganj21:4721:51Right Time368 km
54Andal Jn22:3022:33Right Time375 km
55Waria22:4122:42Right Time383 km
56Durgapur22:5523:00Right Time393 km
57Panagarh23:1723:18Right Time408 km
58Khana Jn23:5023:51Right Time443 km
59Barddhaman00:0300:08Right Time456 km
60Bandel Jn01:0601:11Right Time524 km
61Hooghly Ghat01:1801:19Right Time528 km
62Garifa01:2501:26Right Time529 km
63Naihati Jn01:3501:43Right Time532 km
64Kankinara01:4801:50Right Time535 km
65Shyamnagar01:5501:56Right Time540 km
66Ichhapur02:0002:01Right Time543 km
67Barrackpore02:0702:15Right Time548 km
68Titagarh02:1902:21Right Time550 km
69Dum Dum02:3402:35Right Time563 km
70Sealdah03:25Right Time573 km