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53181 LALGOLA PASS Running status

Departure23:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Jan 2019 2:15
1Sealdah23:30Right TimeYet to start
2Dum Dum23:4723:48Right Time10 km
3Barrackpore23:5823:59Right Time25 km
4Naihati Jn00:1900:21Right Time41 km
5Halishahar00:2700:28Right Time45 km
6Kanchrapara00:3200:33Right Time48 km
7Kalyani00:3800:39Right Time51 km
8Chakdaha00:5200:53Right Time65 km
9Ranaghat Jn01:1001:12Right Time76 km
10Kalinarynpur Jn01:2001:21Right Time80 km
11Birnagar01:2601:27Right Time84 km
12Taherpur01:3001:31Right Time87 km
13Badkulla01:3801:39Right Time92 km
14Krishngr Cty Jn02:0202:07Right Time102 km
15Bahadurpur02:1402:15Right Time109 km
16Dhubulia02:2102:22Right Time115 km
17Muragacha02:2802:29Right Time120 km
18Bethuadahari02:3802:39Right Time130 km
19Sonadanga02:4402:45Right Time135 km
20Debagram02:5302:54Right Time142 km
21Pagla Chandi03:0003:01Right Time147 km
22Plassey03:0703:08Right Time153 km
23Rejinagar03:1603:17Right Time161 km
24Beldanga03:2603:28Right Time171 km
25Bhabta03:3303:34Right Time177 km
26Saragchni03:3903:40Right Time180 km
27Berhampore Crt03:5403:55Right Time188 km
28Cossimbazar04:0104:02Right Time192 km
29Murshidabad04:1004:11Right Time199 km
30Jiaganj04:1904:20Right Time207 km
31Bhagwangola04:3004:31Right Time219 km
32Pirtala04:3604:37Right Time222 km
33Krishnapur04:4304:44Right Time228 km
34Lalgola05:00Right Time230 km