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53343 GMO CPU PASS Running status

Departure05:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Jul 2018 2:15
1Gomoh Jn05:40Right TimeYet to start
2Telo05:5105:52Right Time9 km
3Chandrapura05:5806:03Right Time17 km
4Bhandaridah06:1306:15Right Time24 km
5Phusro06:2206:23Right Time29 km
6Amlo06:2906:30Right Time31 km
7Bermo06:3506:36Right Time34 km
8Jarangdih06:4106:43Right Time37 km
9Bokaro Thermal06:5106:52Right Time43 km
10Gumia06:5907:01Right Time49 km
11Dumri Bihar(E)07:0807:10Right Time55 km
12Danea07:2007:22Right Time66 km
13Jogeshwar Bihar07:3007:32Right Time75 km
14Chainpur07:4207:44Right Time79 km
15Karmahat07:5107:53Right Time84 km
16Ranchi Road08:0808:10Right Time92 km
17Barka Kana08:3008:45Right Time101 km
18Bhurkunda08:5108:53Right Time111 km
19Patratu09:0009:02Right Time119 km
20Tokisud09:1209:14Right Time126 km
21Hendegir09:4109:42Right Time135 km
22Kole09:4709:48Right Time141 km
23Ray09:5309:55Right Time148 km
24Khalari10:0610:07Right Time155 km
25Mccluskieganj10:1810:19Right Time162 km
26Mahuamilan10:3210:34Right Time177 km
27Tori10:4510:50Right Time184 km
28Chetar11:1411:15Right Time193 km
29Richughutu11:3411:35Right Time201 km
30Demu11:4411:45Right Time209 km
31Latehar12:1012:11Right Time216 km
32Bendi12:1912:20Right Time222 km
33Kumendi12:2712:28Right Time229 km
34Hehegara Halt(E)12:3912:40Right Time239 km
35Chhipadohar12:4812:49Right Time247 km
36Barwadih Jn13:1513:25Right Time257 km
37Mangra13:3213:33Right Time263 km
38Kechki13:4113:42Right Time269 km
39Chianki13:5113:52Right Time277 km
40Daltonganj14:0014:02Right Time284 km
41Kajri14:0814:10Right Time294 km
42Rajhura14:1914:20Right Time302 km
43Tolra14:5214:54Right Time311 km
44Garwa Road Jn15:2015:30Right Time317 km
45Garhwa15:4115:42Right Time327 km
46Meralgram15:5515:56Right Time338 km
47Ramna16:1116:12Right Time350 km
48Nagaruntari16:2916:30Right Time361 km
49Wyndhamganj16:4516:46Right Time373 km
50Mahuariya16:5917:00Right Time384 km
51Dudhinagar17:1017:11Right Time396 km
52Jharokhas17:2217:24Right Time402 km
53Muirpur Road17:3717:38Right Time411 km
54Renukut17:4717:52Right Time417 km
55Jogidih18:0818:09Right Time428 km
56Gurmura18:2118:23Right Time436 km
57Salai Banwa18:3118:33Right Time450 km
58Billi18:3918:41Right Time452 km
59Chopan19:00Right Time459 km