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53344 CPU GMO PASS Running status

Departure06:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated23 Sep 2018 2:15
1Chopan06:35Right TimeYet to start
2Billi06:4706:48Right Time6 km
3Salai Banwa06:5506:56Right Time9 km
4Gurmura07:0807:10Right Time22 km
5Jogidih07:2807:30Right Time31 km
6Renukut07:4507:50Right Time42 km
7Muirpur Road07:5808:00Right Time48 km
8Jharokhas08:0908:11Right Time56 km
9Dudhinagar08:2208:23Right Time63 km
10Mahuariya08:3808:39Right Time75 km
11Wyndhamganj08:5208:53Right Time86 km
12Nagaruntari09:2009:25Right Time97 km
13Ramna09:3809:39Right Time109 km
14Meralgram09:5109:53Right Time120 km
15Garhwa10:0510:07Right Time131 km
16Garwa Road Jn10:3010:35Right Time141 km
17Tolra10:4310:44Right Time147 km
18Rajhura11:0111:02Right Time157 km
19Kajri11:1011:11Right Time164 km
20Daltonganj11:2111:23Right Time175 km
21Chianki11:3111:32Right Time182 km
22Kechki11:4111:43Right Time189 km
23Mangra11:5411:55Right Time196 km
24Barwadih Jn12:1012:20Right Time202 km
25Chhipadohar12:3012:31Right Time212 km
26Hehegara Halt(E)12:4112:42Right Time219 km
27Kumendi13:0313:04Right Time230 km
28Bendi13:1213:13Right Time237 km
29Latehar13:2113:22Right Time243 km
30Demu13:3013:31Right Time249 km
31Richughutu13:4213:43Right Time257 km
32Chetar13:5313:54Right Time266 km
33Tori14:0314:04Right Time275 km
34Mahuamilan14:1214:13Right Time282 km
35Mccluskieganj14:2514:26Right Time297 km
36Khalari14:3114:33Right Time304 km
37Ray14:4114:43Right Time310 km
38Hendegir14:5514:56Right Time324 km
39Tokisud15:0815:09Right Time332 km
40Patratu15:2015:22Right Time340 km
41Bhurkunda15:3315:34Right Time348 km
42Barka Kana15:4516:15Right Time358 km
43Ranchi Road16:3316:35Right Time367 km
44Karmahat16:4616:47Right Time375 km
45Chainpur16:5516:56Right Time379 km
46Jogeshwar Bihar17:0517:06Right Time384 km
47Danea17:1517:16Right Time392 km
48Dumri Bihar(E)17:2517:26Right Time403 km
49Gumia17:4617:48Right Time410 km
50Bokaro Thermal17:5817:59Right Time416 km
51Jarangdih18:0618:07Right Time422 km
52Bermo18:1318:15Right Time425 km
53Amlo18:2418:26Right Time428 km
54Phusro18:3218:34Right Time430 km
55Bhandaridah18:5118:52Right Time435 km
56Chandrapura19:1019:15Right Time442 km
57Telo19:2619:28Right Time449 km
58Gomoh Jn19:45Right Time459 km