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53346 ALD CPU PASS Running status

Departure14:50 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated19 Oct 2018 2:15
1Allahabad Jn14:50Right TimeYet to start
2Naini Jn14:5314:55Right Time7 km
3Karchana15:1315:14Right Time14 km
4Bheerpur15:2315:24Right Time23 km
5Meja Road15:3415:35Right Time34 km
6Unchdih15:4415:45Right Time42 km
7Manda Road16:0016:02Right Time50 km
8Jigna16:1116:13Right Time59 km
9Gaipura16:2016:22Right Time66 km
10Birohe16:3316:34Right Time74 km
11Vindhyachal17:2517:27Right Time78 km
12Mirzapur17:3017:35Right Time85 km
13Jhingura17:4417:45Right Time93 km
14Pahara17:5517:56Right Time101 km
15Dagmagpur18:0518:06Right Time109 km
16Chunar Jn19:0519:15Right Time116 km
17Saktesgarh19:3819:40Right Time137 km
18Lusa20:1320:15Right Time158 km
19Khairahi21:0121:03Right Time175 km
20Robertsganj21:3321:35Right Time192 km
21Churk21:5321:55Right Time197 km
22Agori Khas22:1322:15Right Time209 km
23Chopan23:10Right Time219 km