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53349 BRWD DOS PASS Running status

17:45, Late 25m
Departed from Tolra at 19:05, 55 kms. ahead of Barwadih Jn
Running Late 29 mins
Train is cancelled between Japla and Dehri On Son
Updated23 Oct 2018 19:09
1Barwadih Jn17:45Late 25mDeparted
2Mangra17:5317:54Late 28mDeparted
3Kechki18:0318:05Late 28mDeparted
4Chianki18:1318:14Late 26mDeparted
5Daltonganj18:2218:25Late 24mDeparted
6Kajri18:3818:40Late 28mDeparted
7Rajhura18:4818:50Late 29mDeparted
8Tolra19:0419:05Late 29mDeparted 17 min ago updated
9Garwa Road Jn19:1719:22Late 22m6 km away
10Sigsigi19:2719:29Late 17m11 km away
11Karkatta19:3619:37Late 17m16 km away
12Untari Road19:4519:46Late 17m22 km away
13Satbahini19:5319:54Late 17m27 km away
14Muhammadganj20:0220:03Late 17m34 km away
15Kosiara20:1120:12Late 17m39 km away
16Haidarnagar20:2020:21Late 17m45 km away
17Japla20:3020:1853 km away
18Kajrat Nawadih20:2420:25Late 17m
19Nabinagar Road20:3420:35Late 17m
20Barkisalaiya20:4320:44Late 17m
21Ankorah Akorha20:5220:53Late 17m
22Bagaha Bishnupur21:0121:02Late 17m
23Son Nagar Jn21:1721:18Late 11m
24Dehri On Son21:35Late 4m