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53352 CAR BRWD PASS Running status

Departure14:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Oct 2018 2:15
1Chunar Jn14:00Right TimeYet to start
2Saktesgarh14:2314:25Right Time21 km
3Lusa14:5314:55Right Time42 km
4Khairahi15:1815:20Right Time58 km
5Robertsganj15:5315:55Right Time76 km
6Churk16:0616:08Right Time81 km
7Agori Khas16:3316:35Right Time93 km
8Chopan17:1017:20Right Time103 km
9Billi17:2717:28Right Time109 km
10Salai Banwa17:3817:39Right Time112 km
11Gurmura17:5417:55Right Time125 km
12Jogidih18:1618:17Right Time134 km
13Renukut18:3818:43Right Time145 km
14Muirpur Road18:5318:54Right Time150 km
15Jharokhas19:0519:06Right Time159 km
16Dudhinagar19:1719:18Right Time166 km
17Mahuariya19:3019:31Right Time178 km
18Wyndhamganj19:5019:51Right Time188 km
19Nagaruntari20:0820:10Right Time200 km
20Ramna20:4220:43Right Time212 km
21Meralgram20:5720:58Right Time223 km
22Garhwa21:1521:16Right Time234 km
23Garwa Road Jn21:5021:55Right Time244 km
24Tolra22:1022:11Right Time250 km
25Rajhura22:2922:30Right Time260 km
26Kajri22:4122:42Right Time267 km
27Daltonganj22:5422:56Right Time278 km
28Chianki23:0523:06Right Time285 km
29Kechki23:1723:18Right Time292 km
30Mangra23:3123:32Right Time299 km
31Barwadih Jn23:55Right Time305 km