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53357 BRKA DOS PASS Running status

Departure06:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is cancelled between Ankorah Akorha and Dehri On Son
Updated1 Jan 2019 21:16
1Barka Kana06:15Right TimeCancelled
2Bhurkunda06:2706:28Right Time12 km
3Patratu06:3806:40Right Time20 km
4Tokisud06:5106:52Right Time27 km
5Hendegir07:0507:06Right Time36 km
6Kole07:1507:16Right Time42 km
7Ray07:2407:26Right Time49 km
8Khalari07:3407:36Right Time56 km
9Mccluskieganj07:4407:46Right Time63 km
10Mahuamilan08:0508:06Right Time78 km
11Tori08:2008:22Right Time85 km
12Chetar08:3308:34Right Time94 km
13Richughutu08:4508:46Right Time103 km
14Demu08:5708:58Right Time110 km
15Latehar09:0909:10Right Time117 km
16Bendi09:2109:22Right Time123 km
17Kumendi09:3309:34Right Time130 km
18Hehegara Halt(E)09:4509:46Right Time141 km
19Chhipadohar09:5509:56Right Time148 km
20Barwadih Jn10:0810:10Right Time158 km
21Mangra10:2410:25Right Time164 km
22Kechki10:3510:36Right Time170 km
23Chianki10:4510:46Right Time178 km
24Daltonganj10:5811:00Right Time185 km
25Kajri11:1311:14Right Time196 km
26Rajhura11:2311:24Right Time203 km
27Tolra11:4511:46Right Time212 km
28Garwa Road Jn12:1012:20Right Time218 km
29Sigsigi12:3112:32Right Time224 km
30Karkatta12:3912:40Right Time228 km
31Untari Road12:4812:49Right Time235 km
32Satbahini12:5913:00Right Time240 km
33Muhammadganj13:0513:06Right Time246 km
34Kosiara13:1413:15Right Time252 km
35Haidarnagar13:2313:24Right Time258 km
36Japla13:2813:33Right Time265 km
37Kajrat Nawadih13:4413:45Right Time273 km
38Nabinagar Road13:5413:55Right Time281 km
39Barkisalaiya14:0314:04Right Time289 km
40Ankorah Akorha14:1214:13295 km
41Bagaha Bishnupur14:2214:23Cancelled
42Son Nagar Jn14:4414:46Cancelled
43Dehri On Son15:00Cancelled