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53358 DOS BRKA PASS Running status

Departure14:15 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated15 Dec 2018 10:15
1Dehri On Son14:15Right TimeYet to start
2Son Nagar Jn14:2314:24Right Time6 km
3Bagaha Bishnupur14:3414:35Right Time14 km
4Ankorah Akorha14:4514:46Right Time22 km
5Barkisalaiya14:5614:57Right Time28 km
6Nabinagar Road15:0715:08Right Time36 km
7Kajrat Nawadih15:1715:18Right Time44 km
8Japla15:2815:33Right Time52 km
9Haidarnagar15:4015:41Right Time59 km
10Kosiara15:5015:51Right Time65 km
11Muhammadganj15:5916:00Right Time71 km
12Satbahini16:0916:10Right Time77 km
13Untari Road16:1916:20Right Time82 km
14Karkatta16:2816:29Right Time88 km
15Sigsigi16:3616:37Right Time93 km
16Garwa Road Jn18:0018:05Right Time99 km
17Tolra18:1418:15Right Time105 km
18Rajhura18:3118:32Right Time114 km
19Kajri18:4318:44Right Time121 km
20Daltonganj18:5618:58Right Time132 km
21Chianki19:0719:08Right Time139 km
22Kechki19:1719:18Right Time147 km
23Mangra19:2719:28Right Time153 km
24Barwadih Jn19:4519:50Right Time159 km
25Chhipadohar19:5719:58Right Time169 km
26Hehegara Halt(E)20:0920:10Right Time176 km
27Kumendi20:1920:20Right Time187 km
28Bendi20:3320:34Right Time194 km
29Latehar20:4220:44Right Time200 km
30Demu20:5320:54Right Time207 km
31Richughutu21:0321:04Right Time214 km
32Chetar21:1521:16Right Time223 km
33Tori21:2821:30Right Time232 km
34Mahuamilan21:4121:42Right Time239 km
35Mccluskieganj22:0122:02Right Time254 km
36Khalari22:1022:12Right Time261 km
37Ray22:2222:24Right Time267 km
38Hendegir22:3922:40Right Time281 km
39Tokisud22:5322:54Right Time290 km
40Patratu23:1723:21Right Time297 km
41Bhurkunda23:3123:32Right Time305 km
42Barka Kana00:15Right Time317 km