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53403 RPH GAYA PASS Running status

Departure05:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Aug 2018 2:15
1Rampur Hat05:40Right TimeYet to start
2Swadinpur05:4805:50Right Time7 km
3Nalhati Jn05:5605:58Right Time14 km
4Chatra06:0506:06Right Time23 km
5Murarai06:1306:15Right Time30 km
6Banshlai Bridge06:1806:19Right Time35 km
7Rajgram06:2506:27Right Time42 km
8Nagarnabi06:3306:34Right Time48 km
9Pakur06:4106:46Right Time53 km
10Tilbhita06:5106:52Right Time58 km
11Kotalpukur06:5907:01Right Time65 km
12Gumani07:0907:10Right Time72 km
13Barharwa Jn08:1208:17Right Time81 km
14Bakudi08:2608:27Right Time89 km
15Dhamdhamia08:3208:33Right Time92 km
16Tinpahar Jn08:3908:40Right Time98 km
17Kalyan Chak08:4708:48Right Time103 km
18Taljhari08:5508:56Right Time108 km
19Karanpurato09:0509:06Right Time114 km
20Moharajpur09:1509:16Right Time122 km
21Sakrigali09:2509:26Right Time128 km
22Sahibganj Jn09:4609:54Right Time136 km
23Karamtolla10:0410:05Right Time145 km
24Mirza Cheuki10:1310:14Right Time151 km
25Ammapali10:1910:20Right Time155 km
26Pirpainti10:2610:27Right Time159 km
27Shivnarayanpur10:3810:39Right Time168 km
28Bikramshila10:4710:48Right Time174 km
29Kahalgaon10:5911:00Right Time180 km
30Ekchari11:0611:07Right Time184 km
31Ghoga11:1411:15Right Time189 km
32Lailakh Mamalkha11:2911:30Right Time195 km
33Sabour11:5211:53Right Time202 km
34Bhagalpur14:1014:20Right Time210 km
35Nathnagar14:3614:37Right Time214 km
36Murarpur H14:4714:48Right Time219 km
37Chhit Makhanpur14:5114:52Right Time220 km
38Akbarnagar14:5714:58Right Time224 km
39Maheshi15:0315:04Right Time228 km
40Sultanganj15:1015:11Right Time234 km
41Gangania15:1815:19Right Time241 km
42Kalyanpur Road15:3115:32Right Time247 km
43Bariarpur15:4015:41Right Time252 km
44Rishikund15:4515:46Right Time254 km
45Ratanpur15:5015:51Right Time256 km
46Jamalpur Jn16:2916:39Right Time263 km
47Dasharathpur16:4816:49Right Time269 km
48Dharhara16:5516:56Right Time275 km
49Masudan17:0217:03Right Time281 km
50Abhaipur17:0817:09Right Time285 km
51Kajra17:1617:17Right Time292 km
52Uren17:2417:25Right Time296 km
53Dhanauri17:3117:32Right Time302 km
54Rampur H17:3817:39Right Time306 km
55Kiul Jn18:2018:40Right Time308 km
56Luckeesarai Jn18:5018:52Right Time309 km
57Sirari19:1319:15Right Time324 km
58Sheikhpura19:3819:40Right Time334 km
59Kashi Chak19:5920:01Right Time349 km
60Warisaliganj20:2020:22Right Time360 km
61Nawadah20:5020:55Right Time378 km
62Tilaiya21:1621:18Right Time396 km
63Wazerganj21:4621:48Right Time414 km
64Karjara22:2222:24Right Time421 km
65Manpur Jn22:4422:46Right Time432 km
66Gaya Jn00:02Right Time437 km