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53418 MLDT BWN PASS Running status

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Malda Town-MLDT
EExpected15:00 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Malda Town15:00Right TimeYet to start
2Gaur Malda15:1015:11Right Time7 km
3Jamirghata15:1715:18Right Time13 km
4Khaltipur15:2515:26Right Time20 km
5Chamagram15:3415:35Right Time28 km
6New Farakka Jn15:4615:48Right Time34 km
7Tildanga15:5615:58Right Time39 km
8Bindubasini16:0416:05Right Time40 km
9Bonidanga16:1316:14Right Time44 km
10Gumani16:2816:29Right Time49 km
11Kotalpukur16:3616:37Right Time56 km
12Tilbhita16:4416:45Right Time63 km
13Pakur16:5016:51Right Time67 km
14Nagarnabi16:5716:58Right Time73 km
15Rajgram17:0517:06Right Time79 km
16Banshlai Bridge17:1317:14Right Time86 km
17Murarai17:2017:21Right Time90 km
18Chatra17:2817:29Right Time98 km
19Nalhati Jn17:3917:41Right Time107 km
20Swadinpur17:4817:49Right Time114 km
21Rampur Hat18:5519:00Right Time121 km
22Tarapith Road19:0819:09Right Time127 km
23Mallarpur19:1519:16Right Time133 km
24Gadadharpur19:2419:25Right Time141 km
25Sainthia Jn19:3519:36Right Time148 km
26Bataspur19:4319:44Right Time156 km
27Ahmadpur Jn19:5019:51Right Time162 km
28Kopai19:5920:00Right Time171 km
29Prantik20:0820:09Right Time177 km
30Bolpur Shantiniketan20:1520:17Right Time181 km
31Bhedia20:2420:25Right Time189 km
32Pichkurir Dhal20:3120:32Right Time194 km
33Guskara20:3920:40Right Time200 km
34Noadar Dhal20:4720:48Right Time205 km
35Banpas20:5320:54Right Time210 km
36Jhapater Dhal21:0021:01Right Time215 km
37Khana Jn21:2321:24Right Time219 km
38Talit21:3021:31Right Time225 km
39Barddhaman21:40Right Time233 km