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54043 JIND HSR PASS Running status

Arrival17:12 Right Time
Departure17:13 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated24 Mar 2019 2:15
1Jind Jn16:35Right TimeYet to start
2Barsola16:4316:44Right Time8 km
3Uchana16:5416:55Right Time19 km
4Ghaso17:0317:04Right Time27 km
5Narwana Jn17:1217:13Right Time34 km
6Dharodi17:2117:22Right Time41 km
7Dhamtan Sahib17:3017:31Right Time49 km
8Kalwan H17:3717:38Right Time53 km
9Tohana17:4417:45Right Time60 km
10Himmatpura17:5117:52Right Time64 km
11Jakhal Jn18:0518:10Right Time72 km
12Kahangarh H18:1818:19Right Time80 km
13Bareta18:2818:29Right Time86 km
14Datewas18:3818:39Right Time94 km
15Budhlada18:4818:49Right Time101 km
16Narindarpura18:5818:59Right Time109 km
17Mansa19:0819:09Right Time117 km
18Sadda Singhwala19:1819:19Right Time126 km
19Kotli Kalan H19:2519:26Right Time129 km
20Maur19:3319:34Right Time136 km
21Maisar Khana19:4319:44Right Time144 km
22Kot Fateh19:5219:53Right Time152 km
23Katar Singh Wala20:0220:03Right Time161 km
24Bhatinda Jn20:3521:15Right Time170 km
25Gahri Bhagi21:2921:30Right Time198 km
26Shergarh21:3721:38Right Time204 km
27Manwala Kot Bakhtu21:4421:45Right Time207 km
28Bangi Nihal Singh21:5021:51Right Time210 km
29Raman21:5621:58Right Time216 km
30Ratangarh Kanakwal22:0622:07Right Time222 km
31Kalanwali22:1622:18Right Time230 km
32Sukhchain22:2822:29Right Time238 km
33Bara Gudha22:3722:38Right Time245 km
34Sirsa22:5523:00Right Time263 km
35Suchan Kotli23:1223:13Right Time278 km
36Ding23:2223:24Right Time288 km
37Bhattu23:3523:37Right Time299 km
38Mandi Adampur23:5223:54Right Time316 km
39Jakhodlkhera00:0600:08Right Time329 km
40Hisar00:40Right Time345 km