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54050 JIND ROK PASS Running status

Departure16:05 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Jan 2019 2:15
1Jind Jn16:05Right TimeYet to start
2Jind City16:1116:12Right Time4 km
3Pandu Pindara H16:2016:22Right Time9 km
4Siwaha16:3716:38Right Time17 km
5Pilu Khera16:4516:46Right Time22 km
6Budha Khera16:5516:56Right Time29 km
7Sila Kheri17:0317:04Right Time34 km
8Safidon17:1017:12Right Time39 km
9Karsindhu H17:2117:22Right Time46 km
10Nara H17:2717:28Right Time49 km
11Madlauda17:3517:36Right Time54 km
12Asan17:4517:46Right Time60 km
13Khukrana H17:5217:53Right Time63 km
14Panipat Jn18:1018:15Right Time70 km
15Binjhol18:2418:25Right Time75 km
16Naultha18:3418:35Right Time82 km
17Israna H18:4418:45Right Time89 km
18Dhurana18:5318:54Right Time94 km
19Mudlana19:0319:04Right Time99 km
20Gohana19:1719:19Right Time110 km
21Bhainswan19:2819:29Right Time115 km
22Rukhi H19:3619:37Right Time119 km
23Jasia H19:4419:45Right Time124 km
24Makrauli19:5519:56Right Time132 km
25Rohtak Jn20:20Right Time141 km