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54054 LDH JHL PASS Running status

Departure18:50 Right Time
Platform 7
Yet to start
Updated15 Nov 2018 10:15
1Ludhiana Jn18:50Right TimeYet to start
2Gill19:0119:02Right Time8 km
3Jassowal H19:1719:18Right Time13 km
4Kila Raipur19:2419:25Right Time18 km
5Ahmed Garh19:3619:37Right Time26 km
6Rohira Ghallughara H19:4419:45Right Time31 km
7Kup19:5019:51Right Time36 km
8Malerkotla20:0020:02Right Time45 km
9Himmatana20:1020:12Right Time52 km
10Dhuri Jn20:2520:35Right Time62 km
11Bahadur Singh Wala20:4320:44Right Time70 km
12Sangrur21:0021:05Right Time78 km
13Bharur H21:2021:21Right Time85 km
14Sunam Udham Singh Wala21:2621:28Right Time91 km
15Chajli21:3721:39Right Time100 km
16Govindgarh Khokhar21:4521:46Right Time106 km
17Lehra Gaga21:5221:54Right Time112 km
18Gurnay22:0422:06Right Time121 km
19Jakhal Jn22:25Right Time128 km