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54059 DLI SMQL PASS Running status

Departure23:05 Right Time
Platform 15
Yet to start
Updated16 Feb 2019 10:15
1Delhi23:05Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Shahdara23:1923:21Right Time6 km
3Behta Hazipur23:3923:40Right Time12 km
4Noli23:4823:49Right Time15 km
5Nusratabad Kharkhari H23:5523:56Right Time18 km
6Gotra00:0200:03Right Time22 km
7Fakharpur H00:0800:09Right Time26 km
8Khekra00:1500:16Right Time29 km
9Sunehra00:2200:23Right Time33 km
10Ahera00:2800:29Right Time36 km
11Baghpat Road00:3500:36Right Time39 km
12Baraut00:4800:49Right Time54 km
13Qasimpur Kheri00:5901:00Right Time64 km
14Ailam H01:1001:11Right Time74 km
15Kandhla01:1901:20Right Time80 km
16Shamli01:35Right Time93 km