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54076 SITAPURCITY PAS Running status

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EExpected23:50 19 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update17 Apr 2018 22:42
Yet to start
1Delhi23:50Right TimeYet to start
Delhi Shahdara00:0600:08Right Time6 km
Vivek Vihar00:1200:13Right Time8 km
Sahibabad00:1800:20Right Time13 km
Ghaziabad00:4700:50Right Time19 km
Dasna01:0801:10Right Time33 km
Pilkhua01:1801:23Right Time45 km
Hapur01:4201:47Right Time56 km
Simbhooli02:0302:05Right Time77 km
Garhmuktesar02:1402:17Right Time86 km
Garhmuktesar Bridge02:2702:28Right Time93 km
Gajraula Jn02:4002:43Right Time107 km
Kafurpur02:5702:59Right Time118 km
Amroha03:0703:12Right Time130 km
Kailsa03:2403:26Right Time138 km
Hakimpur03:3603:38Right Time148 km
Lodipur Bishenpur H03:4603:48Right Time153 km
Moradabad04:3005:50Right Time160 km
Katghar05:5805:59Right Time164 km
Dalpatpur06:0906:11Right Time173 km
Mundha Pandey06:1906:20Right Time179 km
Rampur06:3206:37Right Time188 km
Shahzad Nagar06:4506:46Right Time194 km
Dhamora06:5406:55Right Time200 km
Duganpur07:0307:04Right Time205 km
Milak07:1107:13Right Time211 km
Nagaria Sadat07:2307:25Right Time219 km
Dhaneta07:3507:36Right Time227 km
Bhitaura07:4307:45Right Time233 km
Parsa Khera07:5407:55Right Time238 km
Clutterbuckganj08:0208:03Right Time243 km
Bareilly08:5509:00Right Time251 km
Pitambarpur09:1909:21Right Time271 km
Bilpur09:3809:40Right Time287 km
Miranpur Katra09:4909:51Right Time293 km
Tilhar10:0210:04Right Time303 km
Banthra10:1410:16Right Time313 km
Shahjehanpur10:5511:05Right Time322 km
Roza Jn11:1311:15Right Time329 km
Unchaulia11:3811:40Right Time342 km
Jung Bahadurganj11:5211:54Right Time353 km
Maikalganj12:1412:16Right Time371 km
Maholi Up12:3012:32Right Time386 km
Sitapur City13:35Right Time408 km