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54078 DLI BE PASSENGR Running status

08:40, Late 3h 55m
Platform 4
Departed from Ramganga at 15:36, 107 kms. ahead of Moradabad
Running Late 6 hr, 21 mins
Updated20 Oct 2018 15:39
1Moradabad08:40Late 3h 55mDeparted
2Macharya08:5708:59Late 3h 59mDeparted
3Kundarkhi09:1509:17Late 4h 3mDeparted
4Raja Ka Sahaspur Jn09:3309:35Late 4h 0mDeparted
5Jargaon09:4809:50Late 4h 0mDeparted
6Kuakhera H10:0510:06Late 4h 0m
7Gumthal10:0710:30Late 4h 12mDeparted
8Chandausi Jn10:4510:47Late 3h 47mDeparted
9Sisarka10:5610:57Late 3h 47mDeparted
10Asafpur11:1011:12Late 3h 52mDeparted
11Purwa Khera11:2111:22Late 3h 52m
12Dabtara11:3211:34Late 3h 49mDeparted
13Karengi11:4211:44Late 3h 46mDeparted
14Reoti Bahora Khera11:5311:54Late 3h 46m
15Aonla12:0212:45Late 4h 25mDeparted
16Nisoi12:5712:58Late 4h 25m
17Basharatganj13:2413:26Late 4h 39mDeparted
18Ramganga13:5115:36Late 6h 21mDeparted 29 min ago updated
19Bareilly16:01Late 6h 16m6 km away