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54154 CNB RBL PASS Running status

Departure16:32 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated16 Jan 2019 2:15
1Kanpur Central16:32Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Bridge Rb16:4316:44Right Time4 km
3Magarwara16:5116:53Right Time11 km
4Unnao Jn17:0117:03Right Time17 km
5Korari17:1617:17Right Time28 km
6Achal Ganj17:2417:25Right Time33 km
7Band Hamirpur17:3217:33Right Time37 km
8Tikauli Rawatpur17:3917:40Right Time40 km
9Kulha H17:4817:49Right Time46 km
10Bighapur17:5617:58Right Time50 km
11Indemau18:0818:09Right Time55 km
12Takia18:2118:23Right Time60 km
13Baiswara18:3418:35Right Time66 km
14Raghuraj Singh18:5418:55Right Time71 km
15Nihasta H19:1419:15Right Time77 km
16Lalganj19:2519:26Right Time85 km
17Bahai H19:3419:35Right Time90 km
18Dalmau Jn19:4719:48Right Time98 km
19Barara Buzurg19:5619:57Right Time104 km
20Jalalpur Dhai20:0620:07Right Time111 km
21Manjhlepur20:1620:17Right Time118 km
22Ishardaspur20:2520:26Right Time122 km
23Unchahar Jn20:5021:15Right Time130 km
24Rama Chandrapuram21:2621:27Right Time140 km
25Lachhmanpur21:3721:38Right Time147 km
26Daryapur21:5521:56Right Time161 km
27Rae Bareli Jn22:10Right Time167 km