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54155 CNB FBD PASS Running status

Departure12:40 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated10 Dec 2018 10:15
1Kanpur Central12:40Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Anwarganj12:5012:53Right Time2 km
3Rawatpur12:5913:01Right Time7 km
4Kalianpur13:0713:09Right Time12 km
5Mandhana Jn13:1613:18Right Time19 km
6Chaubepur13:2513:27Right Time26 km
7Barrajpur13:3613:38Right Time36 km
8Utri Pura13:4513:47Right Time43 km
9Dhaursalar H13:5213:53Right Time48 km
10Bilhaur14:0014:02Right Time55 km
11Bakhoti Khas H14:0814:09Right Time61 km
12Araul Makanpur14:1414:16Right Time65 km
13Gangwa Pur H14:2114:22Right Time69 km
14Mani Mau14:2814:29Right Time75 km
15Kannauj14:4214:44Right Time80 km
16Kannauj City F14:4814:49Right Time83 km
17Jalalpur Panwara F14:5414:55Right Time87 km
18Jasoda15:0015:02Right Time93 km
19Khudlapur F15:0715:08Right Time97 km
20Gursahaiganj15:1715:19Right Time102 km
21Malikpur H15:2515:26Right Time108 km
22Khudaganj15:3115:33Right Time113 km
23Singhirampur H15:3715:38Right Time118 km
24Kamalganj15:4615:48Right Time122 km
25Yaqutganj H15:5515:56Right Time129 km
26Fatehgarh16:1316:15Right Time134 km
27Farrukhabad Jn17:05Right Time139 km