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54157 CNB FBD PASS Running status

Departure05:20 Right Time
Platform 10
Departed from Gursahaiganj at 09:34, 100 kms. ahead of Kanpur Anwarganj
Train is cancelled between Gursahaiganj and Farrukhabad Jn
Updated17 Dec 2018 10:24
1Kanpur Anwarganj05:20Right TimeDeparted
2Rawatpur05:5305:55Late 25mDeparted
3Kalianpur06:0206:04Late 22mDeparted
4Mandhana Jn06:1106:30Late 39mDeparted
5Chaubepur06:3806:40Late 40mDeparted
6Barrajpur06:5107:01Late 50mDeparted
7Utri Pura07:0807:10Late 50mDeparted
8Dhaursalar H07:1507:16Late 50mDeparted
9Bilhaur07:2207:29Late 54mDeparted
10Bakhoti Khas H07:3507:36Late 54mDeparted
11Araul Makanpur07:4308:10Late 1h 20mDeparted
12Gangwa Pur H08:1408:15Late 1h 20mDeparted
13Mani Mau08:2108:22Late 1h 20mDeparted
14Kannauj08:3108:40Late 1h 17mDeparted
15Kannauj City F08:4408:45Late 1h 17mDeparted
16Jalalpur Panwara F08:5008:51Late 1h 17mDeparted
17Jasoda08:5809:17Late 1h 35mDeparted
18Khudlapur F09:2209:23Late 1h 35mDeparted
19Gursahaiganj09:3307:57Departed 365 min ago updated
20Malikpur H08:0308:04Late 1h 37m
21Khudaganj08:1608:18Late 1h 30m
22Singhirampur H08:2208:23Late 1h 30m
23Kamalganj08:3308:35Late 1h 30m
24Yaqutganj H08:4208:43Late 1h 30m
25Fatehgarh08:4908:51Late 1h 30m
26Farrukhabad Jn09:30Late 1h 6m