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54158 FBD CNB PASS Running status

Departure20:35 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Jan 2019 2:15
1Farrukhabad Jn20:35Right TimeYet to start
2Fatehgarh20:5220:54Right Time5 km
3Yaqutganj H21:0021:01Right Time11 km
4Kamalganj21:0821:10Right Time18 km
5Singhirampur H21:1521:16Right Time21 km
6Khudaganj21:2121:23Right Time26 km
7Malikpur H21:2921:30Right Time31 km
8Gursahaiganj21:3621:38Right Time37 km
9Khudlapur F21:4521:46Right Time42 km
10Jasoda21:5121:53Right Time46 km
11Jalalpur Panwara F21:5922:00Right Time52 km
12Kannauj City F22:0522:06Right Time56 km
13Kannauj22:1022:12Right Time59 km
14Mani Mau22:1822:19Right Time64 km
15Gangwa Pur H22:2522:26Right Time70 km
16Araul Makanpur22:3122:33Right Time74 km
17Bakhoti Khas H22:3822:39Right Time79 km
18Bilhaur22:5022:52Right Time84 km
19Dhaursalar H22:5923:00Right Time91 km
20Utri Pura23:0523:07Right Time96 km
21Barrajpur23:1423:16Right Time103 km
22Chaubepur23:2523:27Right Time113 km
23Mandhana Jn23:4123:43Right Time120 km
24Kalianpur23:5723:59Right Time127 km
25Rawatpur00:1500:17Right Time132 km
26Kanpur Anwarganj00:35Right Time137 km