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54159 JHS ALD PASS Running status

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Jhansi Jn-JHS
EExpected07:10 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jhansi Jn07:10Right TimeYet to start
2Orchha07:2307:25Right Time11 km
3Barwa Sagar07:3707:39Right Time22 km
4Nivari07:5007:52Right Time31 km
5Magarpur07:5808:00Right Time35 km
6Teharka08:0808:10Right Time43 km
7Ranipur Road08:2208:24Right Time53 km
8Mau Ranipur08:3608:38Right Time63 km
9Rora08:4908:51Right Time73 km
10Harpalpur09:0109:03Right Time85 km
11Ghutai09:1509:16Right Time96 km
12Bela Tal09:2609:28Right Time107 km
13Kulpahar09:3909:41Right Time116 km
14Charkhari Road09:5309:54Right Time127 km
15Mahoba10:1010:35Right Time137 km
16Baripura10:4410:46Right Time148 km
17Kabrai10:5610:58Right Time159 km
18Mataundh11:0911:11Right Time171 km
19Khairar Jn11:2311:25Right Time180 km
20Banda Jn11:4811:50Right Time191 km
21Dingwahi12:1112:13Right Time201 km
22Khurhand12:2212:24Right Time210 km
23Atarra12:3912:41Right Time223 km
24Badausa12:4912:51Right Time232 km
25Bharat Kup13:0413:06Right Time244 km
26Shivrampur13:1413:16Right Time251 km
27Chitrakot13:2413:26Right Time260 km
28Khoh13:3913:41Right Time265 km
29Bahilpurwa13:5013:52Right Time276 km
30Ohan14:0014:02Right Time282 km
31Manikpur Jn15:1015:20Right Time291 km
32Panhai15:2815:30Right Time303 km
33Dabhaura15:4315:45Right Time314 km
34Kataiya Dandi Halt15:5315:55Right Time324 km
35Bargarh16:0316:05Right Time329 km
36Majhiari16:1316:15Right Time336 km
37Shankargarh16:2316:25Right Time346 km
38Lohgara16:3816:40Right Time356 km
39Madaraha16:4816:50Right Time362 km
40Jasra16:5817:00Right Time368 km
41Iradatganj17:0817:10Right Time373 km
42Link Jn Cabin17:2817:30Right Time381 km
43Naini Jn18:1518:20Right Time383 km
44Allahabad Jn18:45Right Time390 km