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54162 CNB KURJ PASS Running status

Departure16:20 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Nov 2018 10:15
1Kanpur Central16:20Right TimeYet to start
2Govindpuri16:3516:37Right Time3 km
3Holding Line16:4016:42Right Time8 km
4Bhimsen16:4816:51Right Time13 km
5Sirhi Itara16:5817:01Right Time20 km
6Kathara Road17:0817:10Right Time27 km
7Patara17:2217:24Right Time37 km
8Ghatampur17:3417:36Right Time46 km
9Dohru17:4317:45Right Time53 km
10Hamirpur Road17:5417:56Right Time62 km
11Dapsaura18:0318:05Right Time68 km
12Yamuna South Bank18:1218:14Right Time75 km
13Bharwa Sumerpur18:2518:27Right Time85 km
14Ingohta18:3518:38Right Time94 km
15Ragaul18:4518:48Right Time102 km
16Akona18:5819:01Right Time114 km
17Ichauli19:0919:11Right Time122 km
18Khairar Jn19:2119:23Right Time132 km
19Banda Jn19:4819:50Right Time143 km
20Mataundh20:3920:41Right Time163 km
21Kabrai20:5220:54Right Time175 km
22Baripura21:0421:06Right Time185 km
23Mahoba21:3821:40Right Time196 km
24Chithari Halt21:5421:56Right Time207 km
25Raghouli22:0522:07Right Time219 km
26Singhpurdumra22:1422:16Right Time226 km
27Rajnagar K H22:3122:33Right Time245 km
28Khajuraho23:00Right Time260 km