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54255 BSB LKO PASS Running status

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Varanasi Jn-BSB
EExpected06:00 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Varanasi Jn06:00Right TimeYet to start
2Lohta06:1206:13Right Time5 km
3Chaukhandi06:2306:24Right Time15 km
4Sewapuri06:3206:33Right Time22 km
5Kapsethi06:4006:41Right Time27 km
6Parsipur06:5506:56Right Time36 km
7Bhadohi07:0507:06Right Time44 km
8Mondh07:1407:15Right Time52 km
9Suriawan07:2307:24Right Time59 km
10Sarai Kansrai07:3307:34Right Time69 km
11Janghai Jn07:4307:44Right Time75 km
12Nibhapur07:5307:54Right Time84 km
13Badshahpur08:0208:03Right Time91 km
14Suwansa08:1108:12Right Time98 km
15Gaura08:1908:20Right Time104 km
16Dandupur08:3008:31Right Time114 km
17Pirthiganj08:3908:40Right Time121 km
18Partapgarh Jn09:1509:27Right Time128 km
19Chilbila Jn09:3409:35Right Time132 km
20Jagesharganj09:4409:45Right Time140 km
21Antu09:5309:54Right Time148 km
22Sahajipur H10:0010:01Right Time153 km
23Mishrauli10:0710:08Right Time157 km
24Amethi10:1410:16Right Time163 km
25Talakhajuri10:2510:26Right Time170 km
26Gauriganj10:3410:35Right Time176 km
27Bani10:4410:45Right Time184 km
28Kasimpur H10:5310:54Right Time192 km
29Jais10:5911:00Right Time194 km
30Fursatganj11:0911:10Right Time205 km
31Rupamau11:1911:20Right Time214 km
32Rae Bareli Jn12:0512:15Right Time223 km
33Gangaganj12:2512:26Right Time231 km
34Harchandpur12:3312:34Right Time238 km
35Kundanganj12:4112:42Right Time244 km
36Bachhrawn12:5913:00Right Time253 km
37Shrirajnagar13:1213:13Right Time259 km
38Nigohan13:2113:22Right Time265 km
39Kankaha13:3013:31Right Time272 km
40Mohanlalganj13:3913:40Right Time280 km
41Utraitia Jn14:1414:15Right Time288 km
42Block Hut A14:2414:25Right Time293 km
43Lucknow14:55Right Time301 km